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Questions tagged [home-owners-association]

A homeowner association (HOA) is typically a corporation of homes within a subdivision.

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1 answer

HOA fees before my house is ready

We are building a townhome in Utah. The original timeline was that it would be done last year but have had a number of delays. No surprise there, but starting late last year, we have been getting an ...
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Can condo management force owners to insure the outside of the building?

Can condo management force owners to insure the outside of the building? I thought owners were responsible to insure from sheet rock, in. And management is responsible to insure from sheet rock out! I ...
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23 votes
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Do house prices increase faster in HOA or non-HOA neighborhoods?

I’m trying to decide if buying a house with a homeowner's association (HOA) is worth the headaches. A lot of websites mention that HOAs maintain housing prices better but I couldn’t find any specific ...
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Is my HOA's balance sheet healthy?

I'm purchasing a condo and trying to evaluate if the association is financially healthy. Are there any red flags in this balance sheet or income statement? There are 200 units and utilities are ...
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How can I compensate a new owner for a special assessment without incurring income tax?

The dwelling in question is a Townhouse in Boulder County, Colorado I was the owner of a dwelling in Colorado when a fairly bad hail storm hit this last Summer. I received notice that there would ...
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Would condo HOA insurance cover damage to guest vehicles? [closed]

I recently stayed in an airbnb; it was a unit in a condo complex with a shared parking lot and an HOA. I drove my Tesla there, and plugged it into an outdoor outlet on the side of a covered parking ...
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Condo hazard insurance -- who takes the next step? Everyone else is refusing

I live in California. The bank (in Atlanta) who has our home loan needs to see proof of our condo master hazard insurance policy or they will buy us a policy. The agent who sold the policy told me ...
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4 votes
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Condo in HOA building that has been disbanded

I found a listing for a property that is in a high rise building where the HOA has been disbanded. This is the note from the listing: HOA is disbanded and HOA has past taxes. What pitfalls are ...
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