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Math for Portfolio Value Net of Fees

I'm looking to do a pretty basic Finance 101-type calculation to compare final portfolio values given varying fees. Let's say I start with a $50,000 portfolio. It's invested in a fund that returns 7%...
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How to Calculate Average Growth over a 5-year period?

Suppose that at the end of each year, revenue for a company was reported as per the table below. What would be the best way to capture the growth over the 5-year period? Year Revenue 2016 $14,000,...
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Calculating an accelerating rate of growth as a formula

Suppose I start with a $1,000 trading account. During each 30 day period my account earns $1,000 in net profit from a trading strategy using one contract per trade. The max amount lost across any ...
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"Smoothed" growth rate used to calculate implied equity risk premium

On Aswath Damodaran's website, he publishes an annual dataset that calculates the current equity risk premium implied by current market prices. The dataset can be found here:
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What does the the future growth rate produced under the Efficient Market Hypothesis means?

Lets say I am using the dividend-discount model (DDM) to figure out the share price of a company and I also believe that markets are efficient, what does the long term/perpetual growth rate produced ...
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Calculate annual growth when there are multiple deposits

I'm trying to understand how to calculate annual growth for a forex account when there are multiple deposits. For example Jan 1 -> Initial deposit 1000 Jan 15 -> 25 profit, then growth = 2.5%, ...
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Is it possible for the dividend rate to decrease at a constant rate to the future?

I came across the following question; Mayfair corporation is expected to pay 40% dividends to its shareholders as its next dividend. However, the company announces that it is not expecting to pay a ...
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How to compare different stock indexes?

I'm trying to understand how to measure the growth of a particular stock index over a certain period of time, e.g. 5 years. As far as I understand, for calculating the total growth, you need to do ((...
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Calculate growth rate for stock that went from negative profit to a positive value [duplicate]

I'm trying to calculate the compound growth rate of operating margin, in a 5 years span: compound growth rate = 100% * ((M1 / M2) ^ (year - 1) - 1) M1 = current operating margin M2 = operating ...
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