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The process of a publicly traded company de-listing from the stock exchange, buying up all outstanding stock, and being fully, privately owned by the person running it.

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What happens to non-cooperative shareholders when a company goes private?

I own a few shares in some large publicly-traded US company. This company gets acquired and "goes private". Am I required to give up my shares in the acquisition? What if, for whatever ...
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How much percentage of company will I own? [closed]

I am going to start my tech company (private limited). The authorized capital of the company is $100K with 100k common shares ($1 per common share). I issued 10k common shares for me. Later, I got an ...
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What happens to option contracts during a private buyout of a public company?

Let's say I have 100 $15 call contracts for NYSE: GPS (Gap Inc) that expires sometime next year. Hypothetically, if the company were to announce a leveraged private buyout of the remaining shares at $...
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Mechanics of taking a company private in US - Board of Directors vs shareholders

Recently the Nordstrom family announced their intent to take the Nordstrom, Inc. (JWN) company private. If I were a tiny minority shareholder, what kind of process could I expect to see as this ...
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I own ASPIRO shares (Jay Z's new company). Now that it is going private, what about my shares?

I bought shares from ASPIRO ASP.ST at $1.05/share. Now, the company is going from public back to private in a couple of days! What does this mean for me as a public shareholder? And what can I do, ...
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