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How do I calculate net monthly salary (after taxes) in Germany?

If I were to say that my yearly, gross salary was 50,000 euros, then what would be my monthly net after-tax income? For example, this calculator looks OK to me:
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My government hasn't paid me a sum they should have paid a year ago. How much interest should I demand?

So, my government owes me a sum of about 350 USD that should have been paid exactly one year ago. I call them every week, and they always tell me that they need more time. Apparently they will pay me ...
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International Bank Account Only For USD For Student

I am not sure whether I use the right terminology in the heading, since I call the bank account which has only USD "international bank account" because it is not in euros. I need only USD for online ...
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Should I pay myself a dividend or a salary?

I'm considering starting my own limited liability company in Germany (GmbH). However, I myself live currently most of the time in Spain (more than 183 days per tax year, the other time is business ...
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Italy BTP vs. German Bund spread. Care to explain?

I hear a lot of chatting about BTP/Bund spread recently. I am not familiar with this concept. Could you explain what it is and what it means, in layman's terms?
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Which banks have cash-deposit machines in Germany?

Which banks in Germany have machines that you can put cash in and it appears on my bank account (opposite of cash withdrawal)? I am not interested in the kinds that you put the cash in the envelope ...
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