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Questions tagged [gbp-british-pound]

This tag is to be used for any question related to British pound (GBP) currency.

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5 votes
2 answers

Money transfer to the U.K [closed]

Has anyone used a peer-to-peer option for sending money abroad? I pay a mortgage in the U.K. and am looking at the likes of CurrencyFair or Transferwise to exchange my Euro. Are there any hidden ...
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1 answer

If you want to buy a house but you also think value will drop… is there something you can do to alleviate the risk?

Disclaimer: yours won't be fiscal advice. People involved will consult a professional before doing anything. This is just to gather some preliminary information. Situation: you want to buy a house ...
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4 votes
2 answers

GBP savings, what to do with them if leaving the U.K. in about 2 years time?

I am EU citizen living in U.K. and with some savings into a U.K. bank account. I am planning to leave UK in about 2 years time, I don't need the savings right now, the savings give me on average a 3% ...
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Received more net pay than it states on my payslips, no visible deductions sent to HMRC on the extra income I received - what to do?

I started a new job on the 26th of September, 2022 for an annual salary of £55,000. Working 09:00 - 17:30, 5 days a week. My monthly gross salary is: £4,583.33 I have a student loan, repayment plan 2. ...
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