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What is the best getting investment strategy? [closed]

Consider a person wants to create a giant company as big as Airbnb, Netflix, Coinbase, etc. And he has an idea that investors will love it. This person also knows the computer programming and can ...
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Is it possible to protect against investors stealing business ideas?

Think person A has a great software business idea. He also knows software programming and converts his idea to a mobile application. Then he needs to raise some money to launch the application, do ...
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If my parents are both non-US citizens living abroad, with no tax files, am I still classified as dependent for financial aid?

I am a US citizen. My parents are both non-US citizens living abroad, with no tax files. They are not green-card holders. I am 18 and do not have any household income to report because my household is ...
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Stock dilution during funding round?

A fictitious scenario: Suppose a start-up has issued 100 shares. The company is valued at $1,000. The owner has 50% of the shares, and an investor has 40% of the shares, and an employee owns the ...
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How does a publicly traded company have access to the funds of its current share price? Or does it have access at all? [duplicate]

To be more specific, let’s say a privately-held company XYZ decides to raise funds by going public. They go for an IPO, and a portion of the equity now becomes public. Let’s say the initial Share ...
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Pensions and underfunding

I've been doing what I can to gain knowledge on my pension but some details I can't work out or rather specific questions Like this one. When a pension plan is underfunded how much is too much and ...
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How to prepare to purchase a house? (Germany)

I'm in my late twenties and want to prepare for my future life. I've no debts and a small amount in savings, but I'm going to need some for my marriage this summer. Now I want to prepare for our ...
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Transparent way to create a money pool

Let's say I want to raise money for a project, and I want my investors to know the number of contributions and their amount. Obviously I can't give my bank or payment processor credentials (psw). This ...
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How to fund my option house account(trading account) from india using a local bank?

I would like to know how to fund my option house account(Trading account) from India ? Option house is a US based brokerage firm Why would an Indian citizen need to fill up form 15CA & 15CB ...
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Is US citizenship and/or residence requirement for "accredited investor" status?

I've been reading about founders fund, and i'm wondering (since this is not listed anywhere in the documentation) - is it possible for a non-US resident or citizen to participate?
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