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Do I need a green card if I want to find an investor for my startup? [closed]

Should I either wait until I get my Green Card( maybe 6 months) or can I reach to investors with my EAD card if I have a complete mobile application ready to launch + a business plan for that? PS: I ...
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12 votes
3 answers

Is it possible to protect against investors stealing business ideas?

Think person A has a great software business idea. He also knows software programming and converts his idea to a mobile application. Then he needs to raise some money to launch the application, do ...
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1 answer

How do I go about seeking capital/investment to develop/build a sustainable farm

I have been dreaming of building/developing a sustainable and regenerative farm (say in Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada or Colorado). I live in California. If I buy a piece of land that has 2 or more of ...
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What is the purpose of raising money through "first lien notes"?

AMC is raising $500 million in "first lien notes". What alternatives are there to "first lien notes"? Why would a company choose to offer "first lien notes" over other ...
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Why a W9 is needed for firstinspires Kids Robotics

Some kids(including mine) are doing LEGO competition and for that they received $500 ( yet to actually receive) from a corporation for their expenses( about $3K) pooled between them. To get this $...
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