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For questions that relate to flexible spending accounts in the USA, and any similar accounts in other jurisdictions. Use with an appropriate country tag.

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Is preschool closure (due to the pandemic) a qualifying event for Dependent Care FSA?

I'm trying to figure out of closure of my daughter's preschool meets the qualifying event criteria so that I can reduce my dependent care FSA contributions. I've read a few places online that change ...
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How do I gracefully transition from a standard medical plan to an HDHP with a non-calendar plan year and multiple FSAs?

My family is on my wife's insurance and FSA which is on a non-calendar plan year (June to July), with the additional FSA through my employer which is on a standard calendar plan year (January to ...
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Reimbursement from insurance after FSA reimbursement received

A couple months ago, I had a dental appointment and, since my dentist is not in-network, I had a substantial bill. I submitted this expense to my flex spending account (FSA) for reimbursement, and I ...
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Claiming FSA money for a nanny share?

We are two families (A & B) going for a nanny share (1 child each). A will be the principal employer where her paystubs come from (children will always stay at A's house, A has the insurance and ...
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Dependent care FSA: Paying a grandparent for providing childcare?

I have a dependent care FSA account that I set up. Both my wife and I are employed. I would like to use this money to pay for my child's care at home by his grandmother. I already know that I can ...
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When does the IRS typically announce health FSA contribution annual limits?

Based on this and this, as of November 6, 2023, the IRS still has not announced the health FSA contribution limits for the year 2024, even though most private employers have already begun their open ...
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FSA - prepay installment plan for orthodontics - okay on flexible spending account?

Let's say $2,000 is still owed on an orthodontic payment plan which is set to have monthly payments of $250/mo. Assuming there is $2,000 left available on an FSA, can it be used to pay off the rest? ...
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Hospital Payment Plan - FSA account

I have a large hospital expense coming up in the next week and was planning on signing up for a monthly payment plan. Currently, I am not enrolled in FSA account for the 2019-2020 period. We are in ...
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Health Management Reimbursement Accounts (HMRAs / HMAs)

I recently heard about an interesting alternative to HSAs called "Health Matching Account Services" ("HMRAs"/"HMAs"). However, most of what I can find out about them is on the very website of their ...
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