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How much would it add to my electricity bill to turn on my bathroom's water heater in my condo? In Atlantic City, New Jersey

I've been keeping it off since I moved in, but it would be nice to take some hot or warm showers. I'm not sure how much electricity it uses, but if someone tells me what to look for, I'll check the ...
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Used car with lower TCO

I'm looking at trying to save money by purchasing and driving a used car. However, I have no idea where to start other than the realization that the total cost of ownership is far more than just the ...
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What's the best frugal way to move from CA to NY?

What's the best frugal way to move from CA to NY? I am not moving furniture and I plan on driving my car, a prius, across country. I mainly have clothes, shoes, some small odds and ends, and ...
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How to project monthly payments for Verizon plan?

This may be off topic. Though, it didn't seem to conflict with this community's bylaws: I want to know how to get an absolutely clear picture of monthly spending on a Verizon plan. I've been told by ...
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How long does it take for a Tangerine no-fee money-transfer email to be delivered?

I live in Canada. I use Tangerine (formerly ING Direct). Tangerine is the "direct banking" division of Scotiabank; it has no monthly fees but also no tellers. They let me send "Interac email money ...
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How can I find an inexpensive studio or 1bdrm apartment in a safe, clean area?

I live in the Greater Seattle area and will be moving this summer. I am trying to cut expenses by moving to an inexpensive area but each time that I've found an inexpensive area and check Google ...
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How to spend more? (AKA, how to avoid being a miser)

I was blessed growing up to have a father that greatly impressed upon me the need to save. I am very thankful for his influence, it has allowed me to make smart decisions with my money and I am ...
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How mistake-proof is the process for receiving a Tangerine email money transfer?

I want to send about $500 to a local charity. Some electronic-payment options include Vogogo (fee: usually $1.75), PayPal (fee: about 2%), or Interac e-Transfer (your bank sets the fee: between $0 ...
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Online Grocery Store sites and privacy

My household has been doing some belt-tightening, so we recently stopped subscribing to the Sunday newspaper. My wife wants to try using online coupon sites (,, Couponcabin....
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What are some ways your family has saved money via resource-sharing or hand-me-downs?

For instance in our family, baby items - from the big (cribs, changetables) to the small (clothing, bottles, toys) - are constantly passed around from brother to sister to cousin and back again. It ...
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I spend too much money. How can I get on the path to a frugal lifestyle?

How do I live a frugal lifestyle? I'd like to live on less but it doesn't seem easy. How can I get started? I want to get out of debt and not have to work until I'm dead.
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