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For questions about IRS Free File Fillable Forms, a free service that allows United States taxpayers to fill out and submit tax return forms online.

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What do I do if my income is just a little too high for "free file"?

I live in North Carolina and I'm using the H&R Block website to file my taxes and finally at the end of everything they informed me that there's a limit to how much I could make last year and ...
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What is the meaning about the IRS saying that "copy A" is scannable but the online version printed is not scannable?

The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) 1099 form says "The official printed version of Copy A of this IRS form is scannable, but the online version of it, printed from this website, is not. Do not ...
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Is there any way to attach a statement of explanation while submitting a tax return electronically using Free Fillable Forms?

I want to attach a statement explaining some things related to my tax return. Is there any way to attach a statement of explanation while submitting a tax return electronically using Free Fillable ...
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How can I correct a Free Fillable Forms reported error?

I attempted to file my U.S. Federal taxes via Free Fillable Forms, and got a rejection for the following reasons: Field/Xpath: /efile:Return[1]/efile:ReturnData[1]/efile:WagesNotShownSchedule[1]/...
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Free Form Fillable Forms: Bug in Schedule 3 with form 8863?

I'm trying to file my 2018 taxes, which include form 8863 (nonrefundable education credits) and therefore also schedule 3. I keep getting the following error when I file: Issue : Business Rule ...
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Must I wait to resubmit my return on Free File Fillable Forms?

I used Free File Fillable Forms to submit my income tax return. After submitting your return you are supposed to hear back from the IRS within 24-48 hrs as to whether they accepted the return. There ...
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Can I list multiple wage income abbreviations on Free File Fillable Form 1040?

Background Wage income abbreviations are for taxable income not listed on a W-2. Two examples of these abbreviations are "HSH" and "SCH". Those two abbreviations are mentioned on pages 26 & 27 of ...
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Free fillable forms error re dependent fields

Getting error with this translation - checked all fields, they are blank, any suggestions? Each dependent you list must have a acceptable relationship to you. Select the relationship from the menu in ...
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How to resolve free file fillable forms error S8812-F1040-005?

Seems easy enough to ensure my qualified dependents match (are checked on form 1040) to what is inputted into line 4a on schedule 8812. Both match but I keep getting a rejected notice. Issue : ...
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How do I resolve Free Fillable Tax Form error F1040-524-01?

The following is the error code sent back saying they were unable to process my return due to these error: "Business Rule F1040-524-01 - If 'PINTypeCd' in the Return Header has the value "Self-...
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Can I use to report my federal tax?

In 2013, I reported my 2012 tax using, promoted by IRS. This year for 2013 tax report, I noticed that IRS says to use Free File Fillable Form when Income is above $58,...
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What does this mean ? Field/Xpath: /efile:Return[1]/efile:ReturnData[1]/efile:IRSW2G[1]/efile:PayerNameControlTxt[1]

What does this mean ? Issue : Business Rule X0000-005 - The XML data has failed schema validation. cvc-complex-type.2.4.a. Invalid content was found starting with element PayerNameControlTxt. One of {&...
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Eligibility for IRS Free File or Free Fillable Forms Programs

I am looking at the two online options the IRS offers: In one location, the IRS site states: Income below $66,000: Free File Software Income above $66,000: Free File Fillable Forms But on another ...
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What does the "Business Rule F1040A-348-04" error mean on my rejected Free File Fillable Form?

I received the following error message: Issue : Business Rule F1040A-348-04 - If Form 1040A, Line 3 checkbox "Married filing separately" is checked (element 'IndividualReturnFilingStatusCd' has the ...
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Entering "Other Income" in IRS Free Fillable Forms

I am using Free Fillable Forms on I have a 1099-misc form with amount in box 3. This is from my bank for ATM fees they reimbursed me. I also have several W2-G's gambling winnings. You ...
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US Taxes Free Fillable Forms Error [duplicate]

I'm getting an obscure error using FreeFillableForms. The error does not appear to be on the standard table of X000-005 errors. Issue : Business Rule X0000-005 - The XML data has failed ...
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rejected maybe from 8812, cannot find error based on irs search tool

Issue : Business Rule IND-454 - If RefundableCTCOrACTCAmt in the return has a value greater than zero, and [ Schedule 8812 (Form 1040), MainHomeInUSOverHalfYrInd or BonaFidePRResidentInd is checked ], ...
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IRS Free File Fillable forms -- "Done with this form" button grayed out for 1040

I just used the Free File Fillable forms screen to do my 2015 taxes. All went well except for one thing. I could never successfully click on the "Done with this form" button for the 1040 as it is "...
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Free E-file US taxes if spouse is non-resident alien

I have a special situation in that I am a US citizen but my spouse is a non-resident alien, and I myself also live overseas. So far I have only found that HR Block Taxes for Expats lets me e-file ...
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