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Should I form a General Partnership? [US-CA]

A friend and I are planning on going into business together in California. We plan to purchase $20k worth of parts to build a computer to rent out on We project that our revenue will be $2500 ...
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for a simple real estate rental LLC, how much data goes on tax form 1065 vs form 8825?

we have a "humble" partnership LLC for an airbnb real estate rental unit. I believe Im supposed to put most/all of the incomes/expenses on form 8825 and not on page 1 of the 1065 but my ...
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What is the relationship between filing personal income taxes and K-1 distributions (from form 1065)?

To narrow down the question: wife and I have a 50-50 LLC partnership where only I work (she has a full-time job). So I reported my 1099s on our joint personal filing under my name, and the company's ...
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1065 Schedule B - 14, who is a foreign partner?

I can't find a solid definition on the IRS website about this. I did find about foreign persons not sure if that applies. Are people with permanent residency or even tax residency considered foreign ...
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