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Questions tagged [foreign-income]

To be used for questions related to income received from outside the country in which you reside or claim as a primary residence for tax purposes

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How would I need to prove to the IRS I paid foreign taxes if I take the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion?

I'm a US citizen (I have no other citizenships) who's been living in Ukraine for several years. I've passed the 330 days out of US test. I have a permanent Ukrainian residency permit, and I'm married ...
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Remittance of gift money from Indian bank account to UK bank account

I was born in India and came to the UK 11 years ago when I was 20 years old. I'm a British Citizen and hold a UK bank account. I also have an Indian bank account which is managed by my father in ...
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Can submitting a form 12203 Request for Appeals help me in my situation when I am a month past last date to respond?

(I have another question related to my situation but since it was getting too long, I am breaking down my questions so it will be manageable.) The IRS recently reclassified my reported income of tax ...
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Can I qualify for the foreign earned income exclusion if I am employed by a US based company?

I am a US citizen considering living abroad for a full year, staying in 12 different countries for a month each (Remote year). I am planning to remain employed by the US based company I currently work ...
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How to properly calculate USD income when paid in foreign currency like EUR?

Say I live and work in the United States, but mostly do contract work for European organizations. This would mean that I very often invoice and get paid in EUR, which initially might go into a EUR ...
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Transferring money from Foreign Account to NRO Account in india - is it taxable?

I'm working in Maldives. I'm transferring money from my Maldives savings account to my Indian Savings account(NRO). Will it be taxable in India? Again I'm transferring the money from my Indian ...
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Am I exempt from taxes if I worked overseas, however generated income from US-based customers?

I am a U.S. citizen and have been living overseas for already couple years and easily can pass the IRS physical presence test. However, what is not clear to me is that nevertheless I worked out of my ...
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the correct place to report foreign income

Doing taxes by both Turbotax (TT) and TaxAct (TA), I get different answers to my relatively simple situation. Here is the summary of their respective calculations: line# Entry Turbotax TaxAct 1 ...
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How to bring my assets to US

I am a naturalized US citizen. I want to bring my assets from India to US. My assets are sold and in a bank account. What are the steps to bring the money to the US? It is worth 1.25 Crore and I have ...
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Can non-domiciled UK tax residents claim back all tax paid via PAYE?

Suppose I worked in the UK for a couple of months, got paid via the PAYE system but then moved back overseas, to my permanent home. I know that PAYE calculates my due tax as if I will work in the UK ...
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How to cash ACH vouchers to my French account without paying more banking fees than sending a postal package containing cash?

I worked for a company based in the United States as part of a non-commercial activity (I mean the income is not taxable to the IRS and thus I can’t get an itin or ssn in order to open a bank account)....
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