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How would one profit from an accurate forecast of tomorrow's price varience?

If one had a reasonably accurate forecast of the variance of the price of some market security, such that one knows approximately what the price variance will be tomorrow, but not whether the price ...
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What is "the index-linked variety"?

I am reading this article on The Economist. It says that the new generation will gather lower returns on investments than the previous generations. The authors estimated the future return on equities ...
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Forcasting gains or losses on Forex

I am using FXCM brokers to invest in Forex. I would like to know if there is a way to forecast our equity when we have open trades if the rates go up or down to a certain level. I am using FXCM ...
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Economics of long shots on [closed] is a prediction market run by a university as a nonprofit enterprise. They say, "Our fees are necessary to cover the costs related to running this site." In order to have a ...
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Why aren’t there more stock market prediction tools available?

Investing in stocks depends on multiple factors. In order to estimate the approximate best time can be done with experience, various calculations, etc. With the rise of Machine Learning, Deep Learning,...
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"Don't invest now because the market is high"

I have heard many people in my life say things like The market is low so it's a good time to invest or The market is high so don't invest It makes me wonder if mean-reversion is actually a ...
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How to calculate a forecast [closed]

I've been looking around to know how to calculate a sales forecast for sales generated. Not profit/loss; only sales made. Oracle's calculation shows some examples but I'm not sure if that's the ...
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Predicting future expenses

I'm trying to develop a tool that predicts my future expenses based on my past expenses. Example: I've spent $150, $200, and $180 on fuel during each of the last three months. Accounting for the ...
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Methods for forecasting price?

I've been having a really fun time building a site about pricing in my spare time. Here are a few example pages: http://www.settingprice....
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where to get stock price forecast

I am new to stock market so please be patient with me if my question does not make sense. I have an IRA account with Fidelity. Their research tool is good and shows analysts opinion of stocks i am ...
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Is an analyst's "price target" assumed to be for 12 months out?

I was surprised to see this announcement from Zach's Investment Research re: AAPL stock: "We maintain our Neutral rating on the stock and raise our price target to $354.” But AAPL is today trading ...
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Sources or web sites for longer-term economic and financial forecast information?

I was looking for a source of economic and financial forecast information. I have already checked the IMF and the OECD, but they have forecasts up to 2011. Is there something with forecasts up to 2015?...