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Use this tag for questions related to rules and experiences specific to the State of Florida in the United States.

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How can I refinance or get out of a car loan I am upside down on?

I purchased a car a little over 1 year ago a 2012 Dodge Avenger and recently went to get it refinanced and found out that because I'm so upside down that I can't get it refinanced I still owe over 15,...
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Does FL based consulting LLC have to pay NY state income tax?

An LLC is registered and based in Florida. It conducts consultations in FL for New York-based companies, wherein an employee of the NY company travels to FL for the consultation. At no point does an ...
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Live in Florida & work remote for a New York company. Do I owe NY state income tax?

I have been down in Florida for the past 3 1/2 years and continue to pay New York state taxes out of the money I earn for a company I work remote for that is in New York. Should I be paying New York ...
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LLC v. W-2 Taxes when filing in Florida

I'm considering working as a contractor in Florida. Currently I'm a W-2 contractor, but considering a Corp-to-Corp contract since it's a higher rate. Just now I read Florida's Tax Page - http://dor....
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Do you have to pay New York State Income Tax if you live in New York but work remotely for a Florida based company?

If an employee lives in New York, works independently on project for a Florida based company. No state tax in Florida. Does employee have to pay New York State tax?
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What US law requires a bank to reopen a closed account if a third party sends money to it?

I used to have an account with a local credit union. I moved, then closed the account. The credit union mailed me a check for my remaining balance and confirmed the account was closed. This was 14 ...
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Working with Real Estate Agents

So first off I have worked with about 10 real estate agents over the past year or so. I find most of them are quite horrible. You explain what you want and they either don't call you back or show ...
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What is the average cost of a LLC tax return and what it entails? (FL)

I want to understand the cost associated with complying with yearly maintenance of a Florida LLC. This answer outlines some of the costs, but does not specify what is required
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Married now, do our domestic partner benefits get taxed differently as spousal benefits?

Reading up on new tax rules it seems clear to me that my "domestic partner" benefits should now be treated as "married couple" benefits since we were married in a state that recognizes same-sex ...
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How can I find car insurance with 3 major claims on my record?

In short: I have 2 total losses on my record due to city vehicles pulling out in front of me. They were at fault but the insurance companies don't care. My wife has an at fault accident which was a ...
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Is a lease still binding if not all of the parties sign it?

My wife and I were leasing a house with another couple. Two weeks into the lease, the other couple left in the middle of the night and we have yet to hear from them. My wife never got to sign the ...
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Lump sum annuity distribution -- do I owe estate tax?

I recently inherited an annuity, and I am considering taking a lump sum distribution. I thought I had the income tax situation sussed out, but then I stumbled across mention of a possible estate tax. ...
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