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Questions tagged [florida]

Use this tag for questions related to rules and experiences specific to the State of Florida in the United States.

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Do I pay sales tax exporting the bike

We live in The Netherlands (Europe), we are Dutch. We are now buying a motorcycle in Florida, but are going to pick it up in July and then leave the state, since we're making a roadtrip. After 2 ...
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Tax rates when C-Corporation pays salary to the owner who is non-US resident & non-US citizen

I am non-US resident and non-US citizen (i.e. NRA, nonresident alien). I would like to open C-Corporation in Florida. I would be the only owner and shareholder of the C-Corp. I know what are the ...
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Federal NOLD vs Florida NOLD

I'm considering opening a corporation within the State of Florida. Although, I'm trying to understand the Corporate Short Form Income Tax Return. Florida Short Form F1120-A Line 1 (total income) Line ...
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How do unemployment benefits work when you move to a new state for the same employer?

I have questions about CA unemployment benefits eligibility that I’m not able to figure out from the website. In preparation of moving to East Cost location of my office, I had moved my address to ...
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How would investing in real estate (REIT or similar) affect my tax situation in the U.S.?

My wife and I are in our 30s and bought our first house this past year. We don't expect to have enough money to buy a rental property or another house in the foreseeable future, but we are ...
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Do I have to pay New York state tax? Freelancer with New York LLC, living in Florida

I'm a freelance software developer working from home. I work through a single-member LLC registered in New York. I previously lived in New York and paid New York state tax, but I have moved to Florida....
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Does FL based consulting LLC have to pay NY state income tax?

An LLC is registered and based in Florida. It conducts consultations in FL for New York-based companies, wherein an employee of the NY company travels to FL for the consultation. At no point does an ...
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