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Price of Bond with irregular long first coupon period

I'm trying to manually calculate the price of a bond with a long first coupon period, found a few candidate formulas on Microsoft Excel Document: OddFPrice OddFPrice ...
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What kind of financing options are there for large personal projects?

I'm doing pretty decently on my personal finance goals. I've acquired a personal home with more than 50% equity, a second home for income with about 30% equity, and have several other investments and ...
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Specific name for a refinancing mortgage loan

I have a translation issue and I'm not sure where else to turn for help. In our country, there is a type of refinancing of a mortgage loan, which works thusly: Someone decides to renovate their ...
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how to find flat rate of interest per annum and month if we have given reducing rate of interest or loan amount and tenure?

For example: For loan amount 500000 for 5 years at the rate of 12% (reducing interest rate), EMI is 11,122.22 per month Here 12% reducing is equivalent to flat 6.69% per annum or flat 0.55% per month. ...
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