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What are some tips for getting the upper hand in car price negotiations?

My family wheels are pushing 200K miles and lights are starting to come on, noises are starting to come out, and I want to investigate a newer car before I sink money into repairing mine. What are ...
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For a car, would you pay cash, finance for 0.9% or lease for 0.9%?

Everybody knows "buy used car in cash" is the generally accepted, financially sound decision, but let's assume one wants a nice, fresh, brand-new car. Given: Car is $30,000. All-in (inclusive of ...
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Buying my first car out of college

I just graduated college this past week and have a job lined up making 63000 a year. I was looking at buying a $27000 used 2008 BMW 328i, financing at about 500/month for 60 months. I don't have any ...
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I'm thinking of getting a new car ... why shouldn't I LEASE one?

Why is leasing a car a bad idea?
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Is it a good time to replace my used car?

We have a 2005 Chevy Impala with 105,000 miles that we purchased in 2011. We have made many repairs such as replacing the transmission, repairing the radiator, heating and AC system, thermostat, belt,...
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How will I pay for college?

The SAT is coming up soon for me and, with it, everything college. I had held the impression that I was just going to rack up student loans, go to college, and then pay them off with whatever job I ...
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Compute Loan Balance for a specific month (period) on an amortized loan

I'm looking for is a method that will allow me to compute the Loan Balance value for a specific period (month) in the amortization table without having to compute all of the values before it. Let's ...
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Will a credit card issuer cancel an account if it never incurs interest?

I have a few credit cards that are currently carrying some larger "promotional" balances. These are purchases that I decided to put on a 6, 12, or 18 month 0% APR financing offer vs. taking any points ...
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I’m 18 years old and want to finance a £30,000 car [duplicate]

I'm 18 years old and I've always wanted an Audi Q5. Currently, I'm working full-time. I earn £28,800 annually and that will be due to go up soon. The car I've had eyes on costs £31,789. The monthly ...
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How can I survive the economic crisis I see will hit Argentina soon?

I'm from Argentina, where the shit is about to hit the fan just like 2001. We are going to have a crisis similar to Greece in recent times (or us 17 years ago): all debt related. I'm not an economic ...
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New car price was negotiated as a "cash deal". Will the price change if I finance instead?

I am planning to buy a new car. I went to a dealership and when talking to a sales person I said I can pay cash. He knocked down the price quite a bit. Since the dealership did not have any low APR ...
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For a car, what scams can be plotted with 0% financing vs rebate?

7. Consider paying interest Zero-percent financing is like a dinner bell; car dealers ring it and customers come running. After all, it sounds like a great deal when you consider that your local bank ...
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6 answers

What is a fair way to split the profits for a co-owned property?

Seeking out some financial guidance... My partner and I recently purchased a home with my sister and brother-in-law. All spaces will be shared with the exception of bedrooms. We will be meeting with ...
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How to determine car loan length as a function of how long I plan to keep a car

I will be financing* the purchase of a brand new car that I plan to keep for 3 years. Based on this I am trying to understand how to structure the loan variables (term, rate) appropriately. Should I ...
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