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What kind of financing options are there for large personal projects?

I'm doing pretty decently on my personal finance goals. I've acquired a personal home with more than 50% equity, a second home for income with about 30% equity, and have several other investments and ...
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Which is cheaper: 50% down with 50% loan or 100% loan with 50% immediately paid after signing

I find myself in a position of needing to finance a large purchase. Fortunately, I saved a significant amount in expectation of this expense so I have about 50% of the total cost on hand and ...
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Price of Bond with irregular long first coupon period

I'm trying to manually calculate the price of a bond with a long first coupon period, found a few candidate formulas on Microsoft Excel Document: OddFPrice OddFPrice ...
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Should we sell our current primary residence to payoff a rental we also own in favor of no mortgages? [closed]

Townhouse: About 10 years ago we bought a nice townhouse for about 300K. Single family: About 4 years ago we decided to buy a single family house for about 400K and we kept the townhouse and it is a ...
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How do I properly lend personal money to my own company in Quebec?

I want to finance my company with my personal money (to buy some stuff). What is the best way to do that in an accounting point of view?
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Possible Car Dealership Scam

I am new to purchasing vehicles and handling financial matters in general. I am trying to improve my financial literacy but still have a ways to go. My father is currently trying to purchase a vehicle ...
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Why is a separate fiscal year needed different from that of a calendar year? [duplicate]

What is even a separate fiscal year different from that of a calendar year? A detailed answer to this is most welcome. I am asking this particularly in Indian context.
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What is a fair way to split the profits for a co-owned property?

Seeking out some financial guidance... My partner and I recently purchased a home with my sister and brother-in-law. All spaces will be shared with the exception of bedrooms. We will be meeting with ...
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What can you do with 100 dollars in relation to investing and raising a business? [closed]

I am really curious if it's still possible to start with a low amount of money as I've heard a lot of success stories but wasn't quite certain if it's true or fake. Is it possible to raise a business ...
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Why is BRK.A's EPS (ttm) so high?

I am just beginning my studies in finance and I have noticed that Berkshire Hathaway has an extremely high value for EPS (ttm) and I couldn't find out why. I have compared it to some other financial ...
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How to finance and structure an easy knockoffable business idea of a dummy poor 19 yo?

I am a poor 19yo, found one probably original business idea of products that will help (not entertain) people. However I am absolutely not savvy in technical business knowledge, so please answer my ...
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Questions about financing a car at 19

I’m a 19 year old student and have been trying to get through college without a car. However, as more time passes I realize that it would be extremely beneficial to me to have a car as my school is ...
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Financial planning for Indian baby born in USA

I am an Indian citizen and currently reside in the USA with a student visa (F-1) along with my wife (F-2). Like a couple of months ago we are blessed with a baby boy. Now that he was born in the USA, ...
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Car affordability [closed]

New here. So. To start, I am a HUGE car head- so finding an affordable car is not really the aim here. I am 23 and a ~somewhat~ recent college grad. I have been blessed with an amazing job and manage ...
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Bank financing vs. Owner Financing (Dan Pena QLA, Company Acquisitions)

I have a question about small detail in QLA program from Dan Pena about company acquisitions and business loan lending in general. My question is related to the 03:45 (minute:second) moment of the ...
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Specific name for a refinancing mortgage loan

I have a translation issue and I'm not sure where else to turn for help. In our country, there is a type of refinancing of a mortgage loan, which works thusly: Someone decides to renovate their ...
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Finding weekly interest on loan payments

In order to know how much interest I will be paying on weekly basis, I have this information: Capital: 313 pounds APR: 48.5% Payments periods: 104 weeks How do I know how much interest I'm paying ...
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Buying new car at 18 [duplicate]

I am 18 years old and a freshman in college living at home. I have 0 expenses except $3,000 a year for college and gas for my current car. I am currently looking into purchasing a brand new honda ...
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I’m 18 years old and want to finance a £30,000 car [duplicate]

I'm 18 years old and I've always wanted an Audi Q5. Currently, I'm working full-time. I earn £28,800 annually and that will be due to go up soon. The car I've had eyes on costs £31,789. The monthly ...
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Compute Loan Balance for a specific month (period) on an amortized loan

I'm looking for is a method that will allow me to compute the Loan Balance value for a specific period (month) in the amortization table without having to compute all of the values before it. Let's ...
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18 years old and looking for advice on loans, buying a car, financing, etc

I'm 18 years old, I've been growing up in a place where there is animosity towards success, trust nobody and help from nobody is the point. Finally I'm on the right path but I'm having troubles. I ...
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How to determine lease vs buy for specific scenario of a Tesla Model 3 I plan to keep 3 years

I want a Tesla Model 3. Like this guy How to determine car loan length as a function of how long I plan to keep a car I (using his words): ...plan to keep for 3 years (see below for why) I am ...
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How to determine car loan length as a function of how long I plan to keep a car

I will be financing* the purchase of a brand new car that I plan to keep for 3 years. Based on this I am trying to understand how to structure the loan variables (term, rate) appropriately. Should I ...
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How to save a dying company [closed]

NECESSARY INFO So my father owns an advertising agency, which was pretty successful before a recession hit our country. After that, my father had to reduce costs, return his office, and even fire ...
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Credit score and financing new car

Little bit about my situation- Bought a car with cash about 5 years ago, at the time it was a year old. That car is now a total loss and I’m receiving about 5k for it from my insurance. I’m now in ...
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Does a co-signer on a car loan have any ownership rights to the car?

My girlfriend recently financed a car as the primary holder and her mother cosigned it, with that it was promised (verbally) that the car was going to be for either my girlfriend or her sister. After ...
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My parents claim they cannot pay for my college education; what are my options?

I have divorced parents, one makes a lot more money than the other, but that one (who makes more money) claims due to court rulings he pays a lot of money to the other parent and that they are wasting ...
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Is it better to draw down offset or finance a vehicle purchase (or neither)?

Suppose you have something like: House 1 - ~$550k value. You live here. House 2 - ~$575k value. Investment property. Tenanted at $570/week. Loan 1 - $250k, 3.9% variable P&I, $1500 monthly ...
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Is it illegal to give a financed car back to its owner even though I made an oral agreement to make payments? [closed]

I was in a relationship and she financed a car for me. It was verbally agreed that I would make the payments. Things went south, we're no longer together but I have paid the car for the last 3 years ...
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Is it possible to start/buy a business without risk to personal finances?

Assuming business under $1 million and in the US Is it possible to start/buy a business without risk to personal finances or personal property? And What would one need to do to have a no risk ...
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how to find flat rate of interest per annum and month if we have given reducing rate of interest or loan amount and tenure?

For example: For loan amount 500000 for 5 years at the rate of 12% (reducing interest rate), EMI is 11,122.22 per month Here 12% reducing is equivalent to flat 6.69% per annum or flat 0.55% per month. ...
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What is the best payment plan for buying a vehicle?

I recently started my first job after college/ (Polytechnic? translated from the Swedish word "Yrkeshögskola"). I have worked as a system developer since August where I had my praxis twice before ...
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What does indirect lending mean?

I found a webpage for a credit union that says that they do indirect lending. I can't understand the process. What does this mean?
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Is it a good time to replace my used car?

We have a 2005 Chevy Impala with 105,000 miles that we purchased in 2011. We have made many repairs such as replacing the transmission, repairing the radiator, heating and AC system, thermostat, belt,...
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Does it make sense to keep apartment when buying house

5 years ago, my wife and I bought a apartment for 220.000€, taking out a 15 years loan, at 1% Since then, kids happened, and we feel a bit crowded in this apartment. After discussing with a few ...
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Direct deposit personal check into business account

I'm in the process of trying to launch a new start up company but also still working full time for another company. Is it ok to start having my personal paychecks directly deposited into my new ...
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Credit Cards: Cash Financing Charges

I have a credit card, where the terms and conditions have this to say about cash withdrawal: B. Cash Advance Fees The Cardholder can use the Card to access cash in an emergency from ...
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How do capital gains tax work on a property where you finance the buyer?

I have a second property (home) which, due to tax law changes, I will now owe income tax on gains if I sell. But how does this work if I finance the sale? Suppose the hypothetical sale price was $...
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How to sell a financed car in California? [duplicate]

Hi I'm trying to sell a financed car. I have around 5k left to pay through Wells Fargo and and I'm selling the car for 10k. A few questions: Q1: Do I still have to fill out a Bill of Sale and a ...
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How can I survive the economic crisis I see will hit Argentina soon?

I'm from Argentina, where the shit is about to hit the fan just like 2001. We are going to have a crisis similar to Greece in recent times (or us 17 years ago): all debt related. I'm not an economic ...
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Is there a difference between a 360/360 day count convention and a 30/360?

Are these just different names for the same thing? Lending Management Software company told me their software does not do 30/360, but could do 360/360 which would be the closest match. I am thinking ...
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What would be a financially intelligent rental cost to bear if you earn $90000CAD annually in Toronto?

Imagine if I earned $90000CAD annually (before Tax) in Toronto, what would be the most financially sensible maximum rental cost to bear? Would renting a house for $2500CAD monthly be somewhat over-...
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Is it a bad idea to lease a car even when looking for a car for only short term purposes

I am looking to buy my first vehicle and I was convinced that a leased car would be better option due to lesser upfront costs, lower paymnets and an option to buy the car at the end of the lease. ...
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Pros and cons of these 2 methods of property financing

Suppose a person wants to buy a property. There are 2 methods of financing that come to mind; 1) Get a mortgage and borrow up to 80% of property value to buy the property. This is so that not too ...
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How is interest calculated on PCP agreements?

in December 2018, I'll be at the end of my PCP agreement for my current car and I'm weighing up my options. I've never really paid attention to the details about my previous finance agreements - I ...
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Could a business be structured around Multi-level Marketing, yet still be ethical? [closed]

Why is there a lot of controversy and claims that Multi-level Marketing (MLM) is unethical? I see it just as a business model. While the customers and clients, distributors or resellers of your ...
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Why did a "Bought Deal" Drop the share price of Canopy (WEED)?

Recently a Canadian bank (BMO) has participated in a "bought deal" with Canopy (WEED) for 5 million shares valuing 175 million dollars. The share price went down. Did the share price go down because ...
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Calaculating Quartely cash collections [closed]

Sorry if this is the wrong place for this financial concept question, it's about the cash budget. Accounts receivables at the beginning of the year are $345. The company has a 60 day collection ...
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Financing and Leasing, difference!

What is the difference between leasing and financing a truck? My friend needs to buy a truck to start a business, and he asked my suggestions regarding the lenders offering a loan. In my search, I ...
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Do companies sell new securities before or after a prospectus about the offering?

There wasn't any specific information on when exactly the transactions take place. So are the companies able to engage in the actual sale of the new securities prior to giving the public the base ...
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