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Questions tagged [financial-literacy]

for questions related to understanding basic concepts in finance or certain terms in a particular context

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Looking for Canada GST memo D17.1 dated Jan 1995

In April 1999, Canada Revenue And Customs Agency revised its GST/HST Memorandum 17.1, obsoleting the previous version which was dated January 1995 I would like to obtain the obsolete, January 1995 ...
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Is there a 1031 Exchange equivalent in Ireland?

I've recently been looking into buying real estate investments, & I've read about a 1031 Exchange in USA. Here is a definition I've found: Thanks to IRC Section 1031, a properly structured ...
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How does net inventory value affect further deposity into a fund?

I am trying to understand finances regarding funds and yearly calculation of net inventory value (NIV). Say I've deposited $50,000 into a fund. Next year I get an annual report that says: the net ...
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How to do financial planning?

I'm not doing this for any entity other than me. I run a business and I'm doing some financial goal-setting for the next few years. What I'm trying to achieve with this is setting numeric goals with ...
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What do I need to know in order for a US citizen to open a custodian brokerage account in Canada?

I need to open custodian brokerage accounts for my 2 Canadian grandchildren, ages 16 and 13. As a US citizen, I am willing to tie them to a US savings account in USD. What is the best way to do that ...
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Effective Maturity Calculation for prepaying securities?

Trying to find the best way to calculate effective maturity for prepaying securities (non-fixed income). My current understanding is that the link below is the best definition for effective maturity. ...
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Why do some market makers have many Market Participant Identifiers (MPIDs)?

I noticed that some (most?) market making firms have many Market Participant Identifiers (MPIDs). For example, from the list of NASDAQ market participants1: "Jane Street Capital, LLC" has ...
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Stocks with buyers only

I have Alok Industries stock NSE in my portfolio, everyday it increases by a fixed percent 4.95 and moneycotrol websites states everyday that "buyers only". What's the matter and will I face ...
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