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How to properly use a personal income/expense sheet for budgeting (or more)?

I am just beginning to set up a personal income/expense sheet on a daily basis. After a month, I have a bunch of raw data in it. Due to lack of experience, I am not sure how to use this record. Do ...
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How to represent "out of pocket" purchases in general ledger journal entry?

If you use personal money to pay for expenses (advertising, equipmemt), how do you represent this in a journal entry? Normally, if the money was coming from the business, you would just decrease the ...
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What is expense growth in this diagram?

Taken from Standard Chartered's 2010 full year web print final My questions are: 1) What are the 'C's referring to? Eg. c.400 c.350 etc. 2) What are WB and CB? 3) What's BAU? 4) Why is Regulatory ...
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How to keep control of shared expenses inside marriage?

I've been married for a couple of years now, and we've been playing pretty loose with our finances (we keep separate accounts and like to pay more or less equally for our common expenses). Lately, we'...
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Are taxes applied to expense reimbursements?

I have recently accepted a new job which requires me to move across the country and as part of my employment I was offered a signing bonus to assist with relocation. It just barely occurred to me that ...
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What is the procedure, and limit of medical expenses in order to claim for tax returns in US?

Since last year I have spent sufficient amount of money on medical bills (greater than $1500) as a result of 20% that I am supposed to cover under my insurance. My questions are: What is the ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Where do expense ratios show up on my statement?

This answer describes the lowered expense ratios of Vanguard admiral shares compared to Vanguard investor-class shares. How do I tell from my statements that I am saving money through the lowered ...
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What expenses do most people not prepare for that turn into "emergencies" but are not covered by an Emergency Fund?

I'm looking for expenses that most of us should be planning for, but that we may not think about. Some of these would be re-occurring expenses that happen infrequently, while others would be one time ...
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What expenses do 401k funds charge?

What expenses do 401k funds charge? For example, do they charge front-end or back-end loads (commission when buying or selling funds)? Also how do I find out if the 401k administrator charges a fee?
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What should I reserve "emergency savings" for?

Should I reserve my "emergency savings" solely for times of unexpected unemployment, or keep these savings flexible enough to cover other unforeseen critical needs?
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Why are ETF MERs lower than mutual fund MERs?

Why are exchange traded fund (ETF) management expense ratios (MERs) lower than mutual fund MERs?
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5 votes
2 answers

Working abroad in Australia, what is involved financially and administratively?

I've always dreamed of making it down to Australia to work, intentionally for the long term but would probably go for 1 year as a "trial" (or at least force myself to go that long) What would the ...
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What is the difference between a charge card and a credit card?

There used to be a type of card that was offered called a "charge" card, how is that different from a credit card?
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