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Where do I pay taxes on stocks which I sell from options that are granted to me? (Netherlands, Belgium)

I am an expat and I travel and move to different countries quite frequently. I am working for a company that plans to IPO at some point soon. Currently, I am in Belgium, however, I will move to the ...
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Challenges Faced by US Expat in Germany: Seeking FATCA-Compliant Investment Solutions

I have been a US expat in Germany since 2005, aiming to establish an investment portfolio here. Regrettably, I've encountered obstacles preventing me from doing so. As a US citizen living in Germany, ...
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Taxes for retired American expat in Egypt?

I'm not in Egypt currently; I'm just researching the implications of many possible countries. NO plans of working: my retirement income¹ is more than enough to live on in many countries. I've found ...
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UK inheritance tax for Jersey-born British passport holder living overseas?

I was born in Jersey, where there is no inheritance tax. I have a full British passport which doesn’t have the page about being a crown protectorate because it was issued in Beijing. I have never been ...
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What's the fastest and most cost effective way to build credit as a newly arrived immigrant with a good income?

What's the fastest and most cost effective way to build credit as a newly arrived immigrant with a good income? Context: I'm emigrating to the US under an L1 visa and will have a good salary in a big ...
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IRAs for US citizens who are non-US residents [closed]

I am a US citizen residing in the UK (for the long term). I understand that I can legally invest in a Roth IRA; however, it seems very difficult to actually open one that will allow me to do so with a ...
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Automated/Least Painful Backdoor Roth IRA + Nuanced Questions

As quick background, I'm an expat that has been living abroad for the past 8+ years, and have been and continue to be ineligible to contribute to an old Roth 401k that I still possess with my previous ...
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Letting Agent proposes relative to rent my house

We live abroad and rent out our family home in the UK. It is managed by a firm of Letting Agents with whom we have a good relationship. The current tenant is apparently about to give notice that they ...
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I just mailed my 2020 federal tax return with my NRA spouse's SSN left blank. What outcome should I expect & what course of action should I take?

I am a US citizen living in the UK with my British husband. I file my taxes as married filing separately and my husband is not required to file with the US so has no SSN or TIN. I sealed up and mailed ...
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How can one plan ahead to avoid the taxes stemming from becoming/being a "covered expatriate”?

When discussing the indication of renouncing one's US citizenship or US lawful permanent residency (= green card), I was told that: There will be an exit tax if you relinquish and you were 1) a US ...
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