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9 votes
1 answer

Why did accelerated vesting apply to the CEO but not regular employees of Twitter?

The Twitter acquisition made the CEO, Parag Agarwal very rich because his unvested shares seem to have vested on an "accelerated schedule". But for regular employees, I read there were ...
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40 votes
6 answers

What stops management from just "compensating" themselves by taking all the stock in a company?

One of the odd things about a lot of modern companies is that the management, meaning the senior officers (CEO, CFO, CTO, etc) can pay themselves in stock. For example, Square's Jack Dorsey pays ...
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9 votes
3 answers

How are the $1 salaries that CEOs sometimes take considered legal?

I have been reading about various CEOs taking a $1 salary; typically they also take some from of alternate compensation, e.g. stock options. However, very rarely one will take a $1 salary with no ...
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