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Investment funds that make a difference

When searching for ethical investment funds, the usual model seems to be funds that exclude certain companies or sectors on environmental, social or governance reasons (ESG). I am, however, looking ...
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What resources exist to measure a company's integrity?

I have been on a search for companies with integrity. I have seen the (MSCI) ESG rating which is good, but I'm looking for indicators of integrity in a company separate from environmental factors. I ...
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GameStop Short Squeeze - a moral component? [closed]

From the headline coverage, the options trading is made out to be a Main Street vs Wall Street phenomenon: or even sensationalized to average Joe vs banksters. But it seems that the hedge fund keeps a ...
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Would using TD Ameritrade to manage Roth IRA contributions indirectly support new fossil fuel infrastructure?

My goal: I would like to avoid investing and banking with institutions supporting new fossil fuel infrastructure[†]. Is TD Ameritrade such an institution? (I'm hoping that, as a brokerage firm, it is ...
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How to find out the list of companies of a fund?

It is possible to find the full list of companies for a fund, like UBS ETF (LU) MSCI World Socially Responsible UCITS ETF (USD) A-dis? In particular, I would like to know if it contains Monsanto, ...
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Are there corporations in which I can invest with a clear conscience? [closed]

Are there corporations in which I can invest with a clear conscience? I would like to save money for the pension and invest in the stock market, but I am not sure which companies act sustainably, ...
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How to begin ethical investing? [duplicate]

So, I would like to start investing for the long-haul (10 - 15 years, expecting 4% ROI). When I looked up the top Broad European Stock Funds, I get an index that includes these holdings: Nestle SA ...
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What are the companies in the FTSE4Good UK 50?

I've been looking for a definitive and up-to-date (and reasonably regularly updated) source listing the companies included in the FTSE4Good UK 50 index (preferably by their LSE ticker code). This has ...
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Avoiding sin stock: does it make a difference?

Until now I've avoided sin stock, such as tobacco, for the typical "moral reasons" (define those as you will), in particular in order to avoid raising their value as a company by creating ...
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Is there an ETF/index fund respecting my individual ethical preferences?

The product I am looking for is a diversified ETF like MSCI World, excluding sectors that I do not want my money to be invested in. Ideally, I would be able to choose a basis ETF (like MSCI World), ...
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Does investing in a company support it?

I ask this question in the context of investing in "ethical" companies, as someone I know wants to do in order to support them. My understanding is that when you buy stock, you're just exchanging ...
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