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3 answers

Someone on Instagram is offering to buy art I posted as NFTs. What is my risk?

I have an Instagram account where I post some content from time to time. Recently, I've been posting some images I created via AI, which I indicate in every post. Today, I received a message where ...
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Is using the Compound dapp a safe/effective way to earn interest?

Gonna preface this with saying I am not sure precisely on what exchange this should go. The question is more about DeFi than it is about Bitcoin, so the Bitcoin exchange is not the right place. The ...
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9 answers

Why are cryptocurrencies not considered proper investments?

I plan to invest a portion of my savings in cryptocurrencies that I understand on a technical level (e.g. Bitcoin and Ethereum). However, otherwise prudent financial advice articles on the internet ...
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Why do Grayscale's cryptocurrency trusts sell with large premiums to net asset value (NAV)?

Consider the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (OTCQX: GBTC), which had a share price of $9.31 with $8.75 worth of Bitcoins per share on 2020-07-16: For a more extreme example, consider the Grayscale Ethereum ...
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Understanding Ethereum network fees for tax purposes

My question is in relation to UK tax as explained in this document, however it should be applicable to other jurisdictions as well. Ethereum is a platform for decentralised finance. Unlike Bitcoin, ...
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