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Exchange Traded Commodity (ETC) shares are listed and trade on stock exchanges. The price of an ETC varies along with its underlying commodity. Questions about ETCs MUST specify the sponsor and structuring details. ETCs are debt instruments (notes) underwritten by a bank for the issuer or sponsor. They are derivative securities, backed by commodity collateral, unlike ETFs.

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What does "collateral" mean for an ETC?

I am looking at different Exchange Traded Commodities (ETCs). I noticed that some ETCs have a collateral level of 50% and other may have 100%. What does this collateral number mean? Is it how well the ...
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What are useful purposes for ETC's?

My question is related to a video where the narrator claimed that there was no case known to him where someone was able to receive his ownership of gold from an Exchange Traded Commodity (ETC) in ...
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Does trading currency choice in a Gold ETC make a difference when base currency remains same?

The WisdomTree Physical Swiss Gold Exchange Traded Commodity is available in trading currencies of both GBP (SGBX.L) and USD (SGBS.L) on the London Stock Exchange. I believe that the base currency ...
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