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How can I deal with a legitimate check received that is made out to my deceased wife's name?

My wife passed away on the 17th of November 2022. I just sold her car to Carvana. When I got home I noticed the check was made out to my wife ($4,000). We did not have a joint bank account. I do my ...
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probate / inheritance proceedings - consolidation of all assets - giving out bank books to executor

I am in the process of a probate/inheritance since a relative of mine died. There are different kinds of assets which the executor I hired to process the probate needs to consolidate. He already ...
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Which state to open estate account of decedent

My father passed away in New York without a Will and i live in Texas, only son and heir. Should i open up estate account in New York or Texas?
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Portability of estate tax exemption after sunset

This is a question about the federal estate tax in the United States. Suppose a married man died in (let's say) 2021, when the estate tax exemption was $11.7 million. He leaves his entire estate to ...
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Is this inheritance will fair, or only equitable? [closed]

I'm formulating my will and I wish to provide for my three children. They are all aged near 50. Two children earn 300k+ and have assets of over two million dollars each. The third child has no income ...
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Estate received unexpected IRS refund - bank account is closed

I was administratrix of my late sister's estate. Last November, everything had been finalized, the final check written to her surviving spouse, and I closed the estate bank account. This week I ...
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is estate responsible for debt co-signed by decedent for car loan if car repo'ed AFTER the death?

My mother co-signed car loan for her grandson. Car was repo'ed 7/11/20. As executor of her estate ( she passed in 5/20), I received notice that the car would be sold on 7/29/20. I did not receive that ...
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Estate tax in the USA for non-residents

I read that the estate tax for non-residents on their US assets can go up to 40% with the first $60000 tax exempt. Suppose, as a non-resident, I have a brokerage account holding US stocks with the ...
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