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I want a loan that affects credit [duplicate]

I'm 18 with no credit (a collector has been disputed off) I want to get a personal loan of only a couple hundred but I need it to go towards my credit while I'm paying it back. I also want to take out ...
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How can I have credit cards without having a credit history or credit score?

Is your credit history/score like a criminal record? I mean is it always with you? Also, are there other ways to get credit cards besides with a bank? I want inside my credit score without having a ...
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Ways to establish credit history for international student

I am a student on a F1 Visa in the US. Being a non US Citizen and on a student Visa, I am unauthorized to work off campus, and so I am restricted to work upto 20 hours a week on a hourly wage and ...
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Global credit record: Would my good credit history apply internationally?

Does my credit record apply internationally? For example, if I have a good credit record in Australia, with a car / house loan and a credit card or two, can my good credit rating be seen by banks and ...
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I just moved to the United States. What should I do to develop a good credit rating, fast?

I just moved to the US for working purposes, and found out that for a lot of stuff you buy, you need to have a good credit rating (or pay more, or make a security deposit, etc). I found out also that ...
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What are good tips for someone starting out to establish good credit history?

When you started out on your own, whether it was moving out of home for the first time or getting that first job what things did you do that helped your credit rating/history?
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