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Do ETF owners buy and liquidate units from the market when gap between market value and value of underlying shares is large?

Due to various reasons, an ETF, even an index ETF might trade at a value lower that the value of its underlying securities. In such a situation, can the company managing the ETF actually buy from the ...
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Do companies only pay dividends if they are in profit?

My understanding of dividends is that the company pays each shareholder a fixed amount of money per share they own. I can see how this would work if the company is in profit, because the company can ...
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Borrow money to invest in a business venture with equity?

Is it generally considered a financially-sound thing to do for one to borrow money to invest in a business venture, which may not be their own? For example, Jane borrows $50K to put in to a startup ...
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Were the shareholders of ZTNO (Zoom Technologies Inc.) just hustled?

According to most financial sites, shares of Zoom Technologies Inc. (ZTNO) just suddenly went to zero. Before anyone panics, I'm not referring to Zoom Video Communications Inc. (ZM), the maker of the ...
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Is equity research from large banks reliable?

I have access to some deep financial analysis from a large bank, on equity. Since I know nothing in this field, but I'd still like to invest my money, I was about to follow their different advices on ...
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