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Do I need to merge EPF amount of different companies?

I'm from India. Everyone is saying that there should be only one EPF account, what does that mean? I have a single UAN number and since starting my professional career I have changed 2 employers and ...
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How do I seed UAN with AADHAR after three years of work gap

I was working with a company. Then I took three years of education gap. Now I have joined new company. When I tried to login EPFO portal, I was not able to login. The portal says "Aadhar is not ...
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EPF with PPF clarification for salaried person

Suppose a non-government salaried person has an EPF account. Employee Contribution EPF amount 4500 Rs and Employer Contribution EPF amount 4500 Rs What will be the 80C and 80CCC deduction benefit ...
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opt-out of pension scheme(EPS) in EPF while changing jobs in India

I have recently changed my job. In the previous job, my employer was making a contribution to the EPS as well, there was no option to opt-out of the pension scheme. But in the new organisation, there ...
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Invest in both PPF and VPF

Is one allowed to invest in both VPF (Voluntary Provident Fund) and PPF (Public Provident Fund) in the same financial year and is there a limit on the same?
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Taxation of EPF withdrawals

I have made contributions to EPF in India under section 80C for saving on taxes. But I read that the money is taxable on withdrawal unless one works for five continuous years. What if one ...
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