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Is there a correlation between stock market returns and GDP growth in emerging markets?

Contrary to most people's expectations, there is a slight negative correlation between per capita GDP growth and real stock market returns. References: Is There a Link between GDP Growth and Equity ...
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Is it risky to move from broad geographical diversification into investing mostly in less developed markets?

I currently invest in a handful of index funds that includes U.S. equities, U.K. equities, some emerging markets, and some Asian equities. But I have in mind that the West is eyeball deep in debt, ...
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What stops you from using fixed income in developing countries? [duplicate]

I was recently visiting a developing country and noticed that their interest rates are very high — ~15% with government bonds promising ~13% annually. I was just thinking, if the bid ask spread for ...
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Question about Emerging Market index - EEM ETF

I read that the EEM ETF replicates the Emerging Market index. Which leads me to ask, is there an official Emerging Market index? Or what exactly does it replicate? I've found the following index: ...
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Countries considered "emerging markets"

I recently realised that, for example, Blackrock's emerging market ETF includes Chinese and South Korean stocks. South Korea has a higher GDP per capita than Spain, and the Chinese shares in the ETF ...
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Why doesn't the emerging markets index reflect GDP growth?

The OECD long term growth forecast says emerging markets such as China have 6-8% growth currently. Meanwhile the MSCI Emerging Markets index doesn't seem to reflect that and indeed seems shows no ...
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Should I invest everything in emerging markets ETF when I'm young?

Lifecycle investing is growing in popularity in the industry, where people in their 20s and 30s are invested into high risk portfolios (equities) and people approaching retirement are transitioned ...
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Which % of the global economy is considered "emerging"? [closed]

I have two funds in my portfolio: developed and emerging. If I wanted to replicate an All World fund, such as Vanguard Total World Stock Index Fund Investor Shares (VTWSX), how should I allocate my ...
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Do developed country equities have a higher return than emerging market equities, when measured in the latter currency?

Do developing country equities have a higher return and/or lower risk than emerging market equities, when measured in the emerging market's currency? Do you have data for this over a long timeframe (...
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How do I invest in emerging markets

I'm a casual investor who is interested in diversifying into emerging markets. I have too much in US equities at the moment. Are there any good websites to research and track good investments in ...
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Physical replication ETFs that do not pay out dividends

I am searching for physical replication ETFs that do not pay out dividends at all. I am interest in ETFs that tracks major indices for example , S&P 500, DJIA, REIT, banking, Emerging market, or ...
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How does Fed's imminent cut-off in its monthly buyback program detrimentally affect Emerging Markets currencies?

I've been reading a lot of news regarding how Fed's plan in cutting its MBS buyback program has negatively affected Emerging Markets currencies, e.g., Philippines and Indonesia. However, I am not ...
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