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Strange electricity charges on apartment move-in & move-out

Upon moving out of my current apartment, I noticed my electricity demand nearly quadrupled despite no difference in behavior. The next month's usage (not pictured) is identical to this new much higher ...
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How much would it add to my electricity bill to turn on my bathroom's water heater in my condo? In Atlantic City, New Jersey

I've been keeping it off since I moved in, but it would be nice to take some hot or warm showers. I'm not sure how much electricity it uses, but if someone tells me what to look for, I'll check the ...
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Is it a good idea to invest in a small-scale solar power plant for income? [closed]

Right now I have a good income from my software engineering job and want to supplement that with a small solar power plant (costing between 5000€ - 7000€) and sell power to the grid. I would be happy ...
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Financial benefits of installing EV charger for landlords and employers

This question is based on the location: Vermont, USA. A lot of information regarding federal tax benefits are available online for Electric or Hybrid car owners. However, I am interested to know if ...
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How can I calculate the cost of Christmas lights?

This year I've put up Christmas lights up around the living room and found that they're nice to leave on overnight in case someone needs to come downstairs for some reason. They are LED lights, so I ...
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What is an effective way to invest in electric car industry?

I am looking to diversify my savings and following the current trends in the automobile industry I am thinking of potentially investing in the electric car industry. The problem is I am unsure of an ...
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British Gas new payment plan [closed]

You just gotta love the British Gas way to explain things. We have used less energy than expected so they more than double the monthly direct debit?? Message from British Gas
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What solar panel subsidies does Australia have right now?

I'm thinking about buying solar panels for my house. Only thing is I'm not sure whether to wait. I've been told that the value of solar power in Australia has remained largely the same - this is ...
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Saving money on electricity: Is a refrigerator more efficient when empty, or full?

To save money on hydro (electricity), I'd like to make optimum use of my refrigerator. For this purpose, is less energy used when the fridge is full? Or when it is empty?
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Are you better off going with the BIG energy provider in town or a smaller competitor?

I live in Maryland and we have our energy delivered from BGE (Baltimore Gas & Electric). That means they manage and service the power lines and I have no choice in that matter. We do however, ...
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Are solar cell panels and wind mills worth the money?

Besides being more environmentally friendly is it worth the investment in solar cell panels and wind mills for home use? Is it possible to be "off the grid" completely?
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Is a fixed-price natural gas or electricity contract likely to save money?

Is a fixed-price natural gas or electricity contract likely to save money? These types of contracts are often marketed to homeowners to save $$ on their utility bills. When would such a contract ...
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How can I reduce my home's monthly electricity and water expenses?

Are there gadgets I can buy which can help me measure consumption and reduce use? What are some good habits I can get my family into starting to help reduce our costs?
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