Questions tagged [elderly]

Questions about finance that are specific to elderly individuals, in particular those who need assistance managing their finances. This should not usually include retirement-related questions.

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Is there a way to transfer $100 into a family member's US bank account on a daily basis?

I am trustee for an elderly relative who is not financially competent, and being taken advantage of by a girlfriend. He cannot hold onto money for long, and so I need to periodically provide him ...
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How to build a credit history, for a 78 year old with none? Turned down for secured card

I helped a 78 year old neighbor apply for a secured credit card but he was turned down for having "no credit history". He has had no credit cards for 30-40 years, no credit accounts, nothing. On ...
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safe investment for elderly

I'm helping with choosing investments for an elderly person. They just want to park their money and not be in the market, so something relatively safe for somebody in their nineties. They aren't ...
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