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Sole proprietorship business name and personal info privacy

I'm going to start selling things online (mostly just uploading designs to POD places), and in order to avoid putting my SSN into half a dozen sites, I want to get an EIN. I know that I can get one ...
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Do you need a business name to use an EIN

I'm a freelance web developer and file taxes on income I receive from my freelance projects on my personal tax returns. I requested and received an EIN number from the IRS so that if I needed to give ...
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How can I check progress on an EIN application?

How can I resolve my case when the IRS doesn't provide a mechanism for me to obtain updates? I registered an LLC and would like an EIN to open bank accounts. I filed an SS-4 in May. The SS-4 was ...
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Should I be worried if my EIN application form and EIN are publicly available online?

Some time ago, I sent a Form SS-4 (Application for Employer Identification Number) to the IRS, and later received a reply from the IRS containing the EIN. Recently, I discovered that the Form SS-4 I ...
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Can the same TIN exist for both an SSN and an EIN?

In the US, is it possible for the same 9 digits to exist as a valid SSN, and also as a valid EIN? For example, Person One is 123-45-6789, and Business Two, Inc is 12-3456789.
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I am a NON US resident but I have a SSN and I formed an LLC in Wyoming. Do I need an EIN or I can use my SSN?

I'm a NON US resident but I have a SSN and I formed an LLC in Wyoming. Do I have to apply for EIN or I can use my SSN? I am the only member of an LLC.
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Can I use my sole proprietorship EIN on the W9 for my single-member LLC?

The IRS says For federal income tax purposes, a single-member LLC classified as a disregarded entity generally must use the owner's social security number (SSN) or employer identification number (...
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EIN Needed When Filing Form 5500-EZ For Solo 401K

I am a sole proprietor and opened a solo 401k with TD Ameritrade at end of 2018 and then funded it before the tax filing deadline in 2019. I understand that Form 5500 (5500-EZ) needs to be filed ...
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Is EIN sufficient to open a business bank checkin account for LLC?

I am a non US citizen living overseas. I had formed a LLC in WY using state agent and was able to get EIN number through FSS-4 form. Now that I have heard, bank requires physical visit of owner to ...
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Applying for Credit Card Under New EIN

I have established a new EIN for a sole proprietorship under my name. This business' purpose is to separate my ventures flipping and doing other projects that make money from my personal finances. I ...
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Obtain an EIN as non-US resident

I am opening an international/offshore company in US and, as a non-US resident, I don't have a SSN. Can I still obtain an EIN?
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Federal ID number for West London University

My son is attending West London University and I need to fill out tax form 1098T for the IRS to get the American Opportunity Credit. They are asking for the university's "Federal ID number" (It may ...
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Any way to get an EIN without complicating taxes?

This is a bit of an XY problem but please bare with me: Main Goal: Save $50+/month by switching phone providers from a large carrier to a small company. Obsticle(s): Aquiring a plan from the ...
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Can I open a personal bank account with an EIN instead of SSN?

Can an individual open a personal (non-business) checking or savings account using an EIN instead of their SSN? If so, what are the advantages or disadvantages of doing so?
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How is a Condominium / Apartment Building fiscally identified?

A condominium is a fiscal entity which in many cases must pay taxes just like an individual or a company, for instance a condominium might rent part of its spaces and hence produce an income or it may ...
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I filed for a Sole Proprietor EIN, but made no money. Do I need to file any tax forms?

Do I need to file any tax forms, with no money earned, for a sole proprietor with an EIN? I requested an EIN thinking that I was going to use it, but it has taken longer to get to a point of ...
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How can I send a 1099-Misc if a contractor won't provide an EIN or SSN?

Acording to AICPA and this IRS Publication, as a landlord who paid for services for over $600 last year, I am supposed to be sending out 1099-MISC forms to the plumbers, handymen, electricians, etc. ...
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