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eBay Inc. (stylized as ebay) is an American multinational internet consumer-to-consumer corporation, headquartered in San Jose, California.

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Implications of brexit for UK-EU personal purchases and sales

Until December 2020, I was happily in a customs union with a lot of other countries. If I needed to buy a hard disk for my computer, it was often cheaper (including shipping) or more likely available ...
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What are the laws about selling random things on ebay for EU-based private person?

I was thinking to sell some things I don't use anymore on eBay and I was wondering if I should register or tax it somehow? I'm a private EU citizen and that's where I reside, and I assume that I would ...
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Tax/VAT when buying from USA in Argentina?

I am going to Argentina for a month, and are therefore wondering if I can buy things (wooden puzzles) from the US and receive them in Argentina without having to pay tax/VAT? Or is there perhaps a ...
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Accidentally used a fake name for eBay purchase

I put a fake name on eBay and bought stuff. However, I recently purchased a tablet screen, and they require me to fetch it in the post office. I realized that they had sent me the package with the ...
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