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eBay Inc. (stylized as ebay) is an American multinational internet consumer-to-consumer corporation, headquartered in San Jose, California.

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Selling online - Is private transportation indicative of a scam? Does PayPal make it safe?

I'm in the process of selling some furniture online. I use a website called, which is the Danish equivalent of eBay (it was actually bought by eBay some years ago). The website is mainstream (...
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Sold item on eBay, buyer wants it to be delivered to another country, and pay by bank transfer

I recently offered an item on eBay, offering it for sale in Switzerland only (no international shipping offered). However, now someone bought it and messaged that they want it shipped to Italy, and ...
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eBay buyer wants to send me $700 for shipping to Malaysia - Scam

I recently received the following email: Hello! I want to buy your 1080 ti and to be ship to my store in malaysia I will offer you the amount listed plus the shipment charges $700 all together ...
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Implications of brexit for UK-EU personal purchases and sales

Until December 2020, I was happily in a customs union with a lot of other countries. If I needed to buy a hard disk for my computer, it was often cheaper (including shipping) or more likely available ...
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How to protect yourself from fraud when selling on eBay UK

I have my Mid-2013 MacBook Air up for sale on eBay, and have already had to go through resolution processes after previous auctions were won by obvious scammers (fake PayPal emails, etc.) What I want ...
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Why does eBay's 2018 Form 10-K filing show a different net revenue for 2018 than in its 2020 filing?

eBay's 2018 10-K filing declares a net revenue for 2018 of $10.746 billion. eBay's 2020 10-K filing declares a net revenue for 2018 of $8.650 billion. Why is there a discrepancy?
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