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Dual-status alien with regards to taxes.

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Tax status decision

I left the USA for India on 1/31/2019. I was present in the USA in 2018 but for 15 days, and for the whole of 2017, and in 2016 except for 15 days. Will I be classified as a resident alien, non-...
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US/Irish Citizen Working for a US company while living in UK--Worth it?

First off, i'm sorry if this has already been asked. I've made the decision to move to London with a friend and I need some guidance. I've been interviewing with a few really good companies in London ...
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US tax: Dual-status alien foreign income

Profile (I'm adding some extra details just in case): I was an international student in Australia from 2012-2016. I spent part of 2015-2016 in the US as a visiting scholar (J-1). I returned to ...
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How are RSUs granted in Canada but vested in the USA taxed?

I moved to the USA with a Green Card a couple months ago. My employer awarded me with RSUs a couple years ago, and some have vested after I moved to the USA. I am filing as Dual-Status Alien, so ...
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Dual Status Tax eligible for Premium Tax Credit?

Me and my wife moved in the middle of year as Green Card Holders to the US. As I understand I am eligible for A PTC for Healthcare. If I file as Dual Status Alien (NR for 8 months and Resident for 4 ...
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Should a UK-US dual national open a S&S lifetime ISA?

Context I am 24, live in the UK and just starting to think about long-term savings. I've heard that the UK lifetime ISA is one of the more effective ways to save for a first house/retirement. Since ...
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Schedule OI and dual status return

When filing as a dual status alien (with 1040NR as the return), how should one respond to the tax residency question on the Schedule OI? (« List the foreign country in which you claimed residence for ...
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Dual Status return after abandoning US LPR status

I'm trying to figure out the simplest way to file my last dual status US income tax return. I'm a Finnish citizen and my US status was as follows: H-1B: October 2015 - May 2017 LPR: May 2017 - May ...
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