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Dual-status alien with regards to taxes.

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Tax status decision

I left the USA for India on 1/31/2019. I was present in the USA in 2018 but for 15 days, and for the whole of 2017, and in 2016 except for 15 days. Will I be classified as a resident alien, non-...
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US/Irish Citizen Working for a US company while living in UK--Worth it?

First off, i'm sorry if this has already been asked. I've made the decision to move to London with a friend and I need some guidance. I've been interviewing with a few really good companies in London ...
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What happens if the deemed acquisition price is lower than the actual acquisition price when establishing Canadian residency?

According to the Canadian Revenue Agency: Deemed Acquisition on Becoming Resident: A taxpayer who becomes a resident of Canada at any particular time in a taxation year is deemed under subsection 48(...
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US tax: Dual-status alien foreign income

Profile (I'm adding some extra details just in case): I was an international student in Australia from 2012-2016. I spent part of 2015-2016 in the US as a visiting scholar (J-1). I returned to ...
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How are RSUs granted in Canada but vested in the USA taxed?

I moved to the USA with a Green Card a couple months ago. My employer awarded me with RSUs a couple years ago, and some have vested after I moved to the USA. I am filing as Dual-Status Alien, so ...
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Dual Status Tax eligible for Premium Tax Credit?

Me and my wife moved in the middle of year as Green Card Holders to the US. As I understand I am eligible for A PTC for Healthcare. If I file as Dual Status Alien (NR for 8 months and Resident for 4 ...
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Should a UK-US dual national open a S&S lifetime ISA?

Context I am 24, live in the UK and just starting to think about long-term savings. I've heard that the UK lifetime ISA is one of the more effective ways to save for a first house/retirement. Since ...
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Dual Status return after abandoning US LPR status

I'm trying to figure out the simplest way to file my last dual status US income tax return. I'm a Finnish citizen and my US status was as follows: H-1B: October 2015 - May 2017 LPR: May 2017 - May ...
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