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to be used for question that related to initial upfront payment made for acquiring an asset [typically used in context of Car or House] while the balance is funded as loan.

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Getting on the property ladder: mortage, downpayment, fees? [UK]

Once I've got my finances straight I'd like to think about getting my own place, but what sort of money am I looking at to have under my belt before I can begin thinking? Is it right that the UK ...
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Will our hefty student loans affect our chances of getting a mortgage?

My husband and I live simply but we're content. I'm an avid budgeter and love finding ways to be frugal. My dilemma right now is that we've been able to keep our living expenses below what we make, ...
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Should I put more money down on one property and pay it off sooner or hold on to the cash?

I've a huge chunk of money saved up for a down payment on a property that I'd eventually like to pay off and use as a rental. The assumption is that the property value will go up substantially over ...
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