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45 votes
2 answers

How can I help an individual whose bank is writing to them at my address

Over 10 years ago, the previous owners of my house moved away. They didn't leave us a forwarding address and aren't in the phone book. This time every year I get a letter from a bank addressed to ...
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2 answers

Legal to apply dormant account fees until the account overdrafts?

Is it legal in the USA for a bank to assess and apply dormant account fees until the account overdrafts and goes negative? This is happening to a friend of mine and it doesn't seem like it should be ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Are savings accounts in the USA considered dormant if their only activity is accumulating interest?

I know a checking account gets a warning of dormancy after one year of idleness. But a savings account accumulates interest. Is that interest considered activity that keeps it from becoming dormant? ...
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MM account disappeared after NetBank failure. How to recover funds?

First-time poster. :O) In 2002 I opened and funded an online-only account with NetBank; the terms of the promotion required funds remain untouched for an extended period. Once the account was funded ...
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Dormant account in an Israeli bank

I have an account with Bank Leumi in Israel. I'm not using it; the account has a minimum sum in NIS which is dwindling due to maintenance fees. So, what's going to happen when it reaches zero? There ...
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How to recover an inherited dormant account without paying a significant commission?

I settled my parents' estate in 2012. Now I am receiving records of a dormant account from Legal Claimant Services (Keane). They claim to have found $68,000 in a dormant account. I live in ...
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