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For questions relating to charitable donations, donating money to other individuals, causes or organizations, etc.

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From a tax perspective, how can a business allow a large portion (80%+) of payments to be given to charity (like Humble Bundle)

To anyone who is unfamiliar with Humble Bundle, they let you purchase games (or other media) and you pay whatever you want. They also let you divide this money up between Humble Bundle, the content ...
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Possibility of donations in an educational site

I would like to create a site with a series of lectures in video form. The lectures will concern the presentation of philosophical books. Would it be possible for people to donate a small amount of ...
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Will charity donation have no effect on my taxes if I take the standard deduction?

According to this question looks like donation will only have tax benefit if I itemize my deductions, and itemizing deduction seems to be only beneficial if you have expenses such as medical care or ...
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501(3)(c) to donators for trophy party

Manager on a little league team asks for donations from businesses to raise money for trophy party. We sell tickets for drawing and give away all donated prizes. Donations are products from the from ...
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Can a company donate to a non-profit to pay for services arranged for before hand?

For example - a non-profit is in need of a website. Can a company say "StackExchange" donate to a non-profit company say $5,000 in agreement that they will spend that on paying a designer for a new ...
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Donations for a new computer taxation help?

I make music on youtube and my equipment is not the greatest. I would like to accept paypal contributions to help me get a better equipment. my question is do i need to declare these donations in my ...
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Can someone explain in simple and direct ways how the gift / donation tax works for a lottery winner?

My jackpot money is cleared in the bank with all its federal/state/city/village/building taxes paid in full. Now I want to start giving money away. What will be the tax implications if I give or ...
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How do taxes work with donations made to an individual, e.g. for free software I wrote?

If I offer a piece of software for free, but give users the option to make a donation on the webpage, what laws govern those donations? Do I report it as income? Is it subject to just the same amount ...
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Why aren't Paypal donations allowed in some parts of Europe?

I know that Paypal donations aren't available for Croatia, and maybe some other parts of Europe, but I always wondered why is it that way? Are there some legal issues or what? I'd really like to know ...
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How to determine fair market value for a home donated to a fire department for training exercises?

In "Scharf v. Commissioner", the US Tax Court established that donating property for use in firefighting training exercises provides a valuable service to the community. If the receiving fire ...
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How can I donate money to the Canadian federal government?

Lots of governments accept donations from members of the public. For example, I know the government of Ontario accepts donations through the Ontario Opportunities Fund. I also know that the US federal ...
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Donation Value Of "One Bag Of Clothing"

Early last year, I donated clothes to Goodwill and received a donation receipt for "one bag of clothing." I have no memory or documentation of exact contents to calculate an amount. Given only the ...
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Apartment donation or gift for foreigner living in US

Some of my relatives would like to donate or move an apartment on my name. However, there are a few things... I am a Romanian citizen living in the US (on a non-immigrant visa) The apartment is in ...
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Can I deduct my Goodwill donations from my taxes in Kentucky?

On our Goodwill receipt, it says that special rules apply to donations over $500. We have made two donations this calendar year, each being in excess of $400 (i.e. total >$800). Do the special rules ...
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Are in-kind donations from my S-Corp tax-deductible in any way?

I have an S Corp that each year, sponsors a film festival by creating their website for free. In return, they print our logo in their program guide. Last year, I gave them 80 hours of work building ...
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Canceling a credit card with recurring/automatic payments

I am canceling a credit card because I am extremely unhappy with the bank. I have several recurring pledges and donations linked to this card. Do I need to contact each organization individually and ...
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How should I handle taxes for Minecraft server donations?

I run a Minecraft server and there is a donation button so players can help support the costs. I pay out of pocket for the rest, it's $125/mo. The money they donate goes right to paypal which is ...
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What are the (US) tax implications for donationware?

I'm an individual and not a part of any nonprofit organization. What, if any, tax implications are there for donationware in the US (as a recipient of funds)? The product would be software and/or ...
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US Simple donation taxation question

If i take in 50k of income and donate 40k to a 501(c)(3) non-profit, how much money will have to pay taxes on? I am a sole proprietorship. Thanks!
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Paypal website donations without being a charity

I would like to receive donations on a website instead of having commercials or subscription fees. I am an individual, not a non-profit organization and will not be giving tax-deductible receipts. Is ...
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Which payment plan is better to pay for tuition?

My kids go to a private school that's attached to a religious congregation. As far as paying tuition, they offered me a choice between these 2 deals: $1296 per month (for 12 months). $1156 per month ...
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Tips to putting the yearly health insurance payments to work

I have been making my annual $1.5k health insurance payments to Blue Cross and now it feels like I am pouring money down the drain year after year! Since I exercise daily, eat healthy and keep myself ...
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How can I calculate the value of donated clothing for tax purposes?

I have many clothing items that I plan on donating to a local charitable/religious organization. I want to include the value of these items as a charitable deduction on my income tax, but I don't know ...
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Are donations to public schools tax deductible like a 501(c)(3) organization?

In the United States, are donations to public schools like a local elementary school deductible in the same way that donations to a 501(c)(3) charity or a church are deductible?
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Can making a donation reduce your tax bill?

If my adjusted gross income is $1000, and I make a donation of $100, then it seems that I'm still going to have to pay a tax on the $1000. The donation is deductible, so I don't pay any tax on that, ...
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Donating books to charity & claiming a deduction on my income tax: How to value the goods?

I have a large number of books. I tried selling them on Amazon, but they don't cost enough to make up for the shipping. I tried selling them at local book stores, but they barely took any of them ...
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Can I claim a UK or foreign charity donation as tax deductible in Canada?

Can I claim a UK charity donation as tax deductible in Canada? More generally, are charitable donations to foreign charities tax deductible in Canada?
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How to donate money anonymously?

I would like to donate some money to a charity, but I would rather they not know who donated it. How could I go about this if cash isn't an option?
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