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Changed the style of my signature since school

Will that cause problems in the future, by making employers question whether I'm the ppl person who took those classes?
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I don't have a folio number or the documents of the shares

My father have bought few shares from different companies long ago and lost his documents. And now apart from the company names he doesn't have any other information like folio number or document ...
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missing term life insurance policy papers

We are missing term life insurance policies, but making yearly payments. In case a something wrong happens? Will the policy number alone will be sufficient to make a claim ? I also see there are ...
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Can I attach documents when e-filing for free?

The IRS website tells me that I can file my tax forms electronically at However, I think I will need to attach some additional documents in order to complete my ...
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Paid for motorcycle via credit card, NO dealer documents signed yet and bike has NOT been delivered yet, can i back out?

I want to back out of a purchase of a small motorcycle, but I'm not sure how to proceed. We processed my credit card info to cover the purchase price and taxes on the vehicle 39 hours ago, and now I'...
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Can I use a property I own as a permanent mailing address even if I'm renting it to someone else?

This SE is the most applicable I think because it is in the context of business (renting) and personal finance (permanent address) logistics, even if mainly about mail. A friend bought a property in ...
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Risks and threats in signing empty SSA-89 form

A financial institution is asking to sign form SSA-89 which is used for verification of the social security number assigned a person. This verification is requested by a third party. The third party's ...
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ETF asterisk clause meaning

I'm choosing an ETF, and reading this KII document, I'm not sure what this sentence means. Can anybody expand this language with an example? Is this typical for an ETF? To the extent the Fund ...
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Why did I receive a 1095-C from one employer and a 1095-B from another?

I changed jobs in May 2017. My former employer sent me a 1095-C tax form and my current, substantially larger employer sent me a 1095-B. Why might I not have received a 1095-C from my current employer?...
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"Copy" rubberstamp for submitted copies

Is it acceptable (to banks, service providers, etc) if I submit copies of documents* with the word "Copy" rubberstamped on it? I'm thinking of getting a stamp with the word COPY and a blank where I ...
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Documents required to trade stocks

I recently decided I would get into trading stocks and wanted to set up an Etrade account to start. When making a brokerage account, they asked for these documents from me: Valid (non-expired) ...
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Proof of address for bank account for UK spouse of Tier 2 work visa

My colleague has a Tier 2 visa to work at our company here in the UK (probably for the next 5 years). He and his family are from Indonesia. Bills are all in his name, but his wife is not being allowed ...
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Which date to record for a transaction?

I need to record a transaction in a journal. If I take the date of the paper receipt, this might be different to the date on my bank statement. Which one should I use? Should I use one, and then ...
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What to do with documents from a closed bank account?

Is there any danger in throwing away bank documents including personal information from a bank I no longer have an account with? To be more specific, I am moving from the UK to the US and have in my ...
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ITIN application rejected, and IRS lost one of our passports. How to get back the lost passport?

I have filed my 2012 tax return jointly with my wife, along with my wife's ITIN application, back in late March. In April, I got a letter for IRS ITIN department saying that we should send my wife's ...
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Understanding SEC Filings

I apologize for this question sounding vague. I want to be able to read SEC filings and from those, get a good sense of a public company's financials. However, when I go to 's website, all I ...
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By when must an employer send out final payroll tax documents (T4) for a deceased person in Canada?

My wife died in April, 2011, and I am the administrator of her estate. She worked until the day she died. I have had to submit a tax return for 2010 and will have to do so again for 2011. The ...
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What do I need to bring to the bank when applying for a loan?

What do I need to bring to the bank when applying for a loan? Should I bring pay stubs or other evidence of financial stability? What will help my chances of being approved?
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Any banks in Hong Kong offer credit cards to non-HK residents?

Any way to get a credit card in HK without holding a HK ID card? Are there any local regulations preventing banks from offering that, or do the banks simply not want to bother? I tried HSBC and was ...
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Where should I put my will so that it can be easily found when the time comes?

This has been puzzling me for a while. What is the best place to keep a last will and testament so that it can easily be found and executed obviously without any help from me? I've seen a lot of ...
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What documentation will I need to apply for a mortgage?

I'd like to get things in order so the application process can be quick, so I thought I'd scan a bunch of documents beforehand. What will I need?
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Who uses safe deposit boxes?

What items would an average person keep in a safe deposit box? Sounds like most of the documents (passports, birth certificates) can be restored.
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