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Paying aliments: how to consider debt from divorce itself?

It seems I may be divorced in Germany and I want to get my calculations right. I have a house worth 150k€. I have paid 50k€ before marriage. I have paid 100k€ during marriage. Remaining debt is ...
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Are you taxed on money withdrawn from a Roth IRA to pay for alimony?

A QDRO allows a non-penalized distribution from a Roth IRA due to a divorce but what if money is taken out and used for alimony that is not specified in the QDRO? Form 8606 Part III, Line 19 is where ...
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HELP w-2 and 1099 during a divorce

In the middle of a divorce were we owned a company contracted with another to provide management and advisory. I was also employed as an employee for same company we contracted with. We split last ...
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