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In India, what is the difference between Dividend and Growth mutual fund types?

I've always seen a mutual fund with two types (specifically pointing to Indian mutual funds) that are XYZ - Dividend/XYZ - Growth mutual fund? What exactly they mean here? Which is the best to buy?
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3 answers

How do I know if a dividend stock is "safe" and not a "dividend yield trap"?

e.g. (NYSE:CIM) or (NYSE:AEE) both have high yields, but what are warning signs that these might be dividend yield traps?
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4 answers

Is it a good investment strategy to go long on "boring" companies (AT&T for example) and keep them around just because of their dividends?

Is it a good investment strategy to go long on "boring" companies (AT&T for example) and keep them around just because of their dividends or would it be better to trade more frequently companies ...
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What are good Monthly Income Funds? [Canada]

I would like to invest $100000 cash in a monthly income generating mutual fund which is low risk - I read that some pay div , interest and return of capital. Can I have the names of three funds that ...
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10 votes
2 answers

Which US market indexes (Dow/DJIA, S&P500, NASDAQ) include reinvested dividends?

Which major US market indexes (Dow/DJIA, S&P 500, NASDAQ) include returns from reinvested dividends, and which don't? Where can "total return" information be found for each index that doesn't ...
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4 answers

What to do with small dividends in brokerage account?

I just got paid some dividends from an ETF that I own. It is only $4, which is sitting as cash in my brokerage account. I'm aware that this is a very tiny amount of money in the grand scheme of things,...
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Why does a company pay dividends at all?

If a company can lower the dividends and even stop paying them at all during hard times, why would they re-install them at all? If I understand correctly a company pays dividends so that investors ...
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10 votes
3 answers

Is it better for a public company to increase its dividends, or institute a share buyback?

When a company is profitable and generating substantial positive cash flow, is it better from the company's perspective to have a dividend increase, or institute a share repurchasing program? From an ...
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1 answer

How exactly do dividend reinvestment plans (DRIPs) work?

And where can I find out what companies offer them? Are there good resources for information on these plans?
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