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What's the differences between a discount broker and a regular broker?

What are the differences between a discount broker and a regular broker? "Discount" implies a price difference... but why can they be cheaper than regular brokers??
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Which U.S. online discount broker is the best value for money? [closed]

Which U.S. online discount broker is the best value for money? Lower prices preferred, but I also like to be able to reach somebody by phone when help is needed. 24 hours not required, but after ...
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6 votes
2 answers

It is worth using a discount stock broker? I heard they might not get the best price on a trade?

I read somewhere that using a discount broker such a Trade King could actually cost more money because they may not be able to get the best price on a trade. Is there any truth to that? I am currently ...
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I'm in Australia. What should I look for in an online stock broker, for trading mostly on the ASX?

I'm currently with ETrade, and just from doing a little research, I think they're a little expensive. They're about $25 a trade where as other places are $15. I was wondering, when finding an online ...
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Are discount brokers freely permitted to deny client orders for any exchange-listed stock or ETF?

If a "no advice" (order execution only) discount broker is a member of a major stock exchange, does that typically obligate the broker to accept client orders for all stocks, ETFs, etc. listed on the ...
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What is the cost of "free" trades?

It's not unusual to get a certain number of free trades when you open a new account at a brokerage, but some firms have gone as far as effectively eliminating trading fees altogether. For example, ...
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2 votes
3 answers

Finding a Brokerage for Dollar-Cost Averaging

What lessons can you share when practicing dollar-cost averaging with a discount brokerage? The goal is an inexpensive way to invest with every paycheck. With amounts that small, commissions have a ...
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Using the online broker as a currency converter

As a Canadian citizen who often needs to change back and forth between CAD and USD, the common options are usually the banks and the airports. To save on high conversion fees (a.k.a wide spreads ), ...
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how long is it allowed for Brokerages to send updated 1099

One brokerage has send me an updated 1099. I am wondering by law how late these Brokerages can send the corrected/updated 1099? I think It is about Feb 20 of the calendar.
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Canada discount stock brokers: Interactive Brokers vs. Questrade?

I am currently trading with BMO and Scottrade, and I'm pretty satisfied with both (most with Scottrade). BMO charges pretty high commissions, 30$, so I'm looking to transferring to a different broker. ...
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2 answers

Can an online broker charge a fee just for registration, without any deposit?

Can any broker like TD, TradeKing, Schwab, etc, can charge me just because I have entered my details and open an account in their website? Even if I didn't deposit anything?
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Is a Brokerage obligated to sell "In the money" Warrants prior to expiration?

Company Press Notice of the public warrant's pending expiration date was not made. Nor was the broker's notice of the pending expiration received until after the expiration date and time. Before ...
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Is human interaction required to open a discount brokerage account?

I have a friend who is a citizen of a Commonwealth country and he is considering opening an account in the U.S. to invest here and the bank is making it very difficult. It's like they don't want his ...
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German discount brokers that don't claim fund's periodic kickback payments

In Germany, it's legal for an investment fund to pay your securities account provider a yearly provision. Basically it's a form of kickback payment, i.e. one where your broker that provides you your ...
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