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Does the SEC (or any governing body) limit Rights Offerings?

Could AAPL offer all shareholders a non-transferable right to purchase two shares at a 20% discount (from today's price, exercisable for one month) for each share they own? This announcement will (...
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What is intrinsic value of stocks with diluted voting power?

Recent technological companies went to IPO with publicly traded stocks that have 1/10th of voting power of the privately held stocks. Facebook, Google, GoPro are examples of such companies. Usually ...
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How to calculate the share price after stock dilution, when the company is being taken over?

Currently, YES BANK might be taken over by SBI, and RBI has announced that SBI will get 49% equity at no less than 10 rs per share. YES BANK shares are currently trading at 16.60. There are currently ...
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