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For questions that relate to the laws, practices, and products of the Denmark.

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Can I avoid taxes simply by moving to Portugal?

Looking at what counts as taxable income for NHR in Portugal, it is mentioned so-called "global income" that is supposedly not taxed in Portugal for eligible NHR. Non-Habitual Resident (NHR) ...
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Japanese scammer through shipping proxy

Someone close to me was scammed the following way and I'd like to know which course of action to take is best. The buyer is based in Denmark and bought a product from Yahoo Auctions (Japan). To do ...
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Why would banks offer negative interest rates?

I recently saw news that Danish bank Danske Bank is going to be offering -1% return on balances over $16,000. Obviously nobody wants a negative return on their balances so nobody is going to want this....
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Should I worry that an online broker I buy securities from might not be in business when I want to sell them?

I would like to buy ETFs via an online broker in Denmark that is not affiliated with the bank that manages my regular deposit. Is there a possibility that this broker might not be in in business ...
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American citizen consulting for a Danish entity over 30 day period - visa/taxes?

I am an American citizen who will be consulting for a Danish entity from July1st-July 31st for a fixed project with a fixed project value. As part of this work, I will attend a workshop in Brussels ...
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How is early-and-often home buying as "get rich" advice feasible?

I am being told by this guy that the following is a guaranteed-to-work way to become rich and retire early. He says to start early. 20 years, or near that age. Buy 1 house a year. Rent it out. Start ...
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How much should you save for retirement in a country that automatically takes care of retirement savings?

I live in Denmark. Most people will automatically receive three sorts of retirement incomes. There's the state pension which is universal (you will receive 12.500 dollars pre-tax annually, which can ...
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Thinking on asking for an overdraft, if I pay the entirety of it next month, how much interest do I have to pay?

So I'm thinking on getting a overdraft in my bank, it says that the interest is 15% annually, however I only need little money to cover something before the end of this month, I can pay that amount in ...
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Canadian citizen working for a year in scandinavia

I am a Canadian citizen. I am toying with the idea of living and working in Scandinavia as a contractor for about a year. What are the tax implications? Will I be taxed once in Denmark and then again ...
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