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Stock delisted from NASDAQ - what to do?

I became a shareholder of certain company, which was listed on NASDAQ exchange. However, this company has been recently aquired by another company and the original stock was delisted from NASDAQ. Here ...
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What happens after SEC revokes the registration of a stock?

Looking at United Development FUnding Income Fund IV (which was a listed REIT on Nasdaq which subsequently traded OTC): This security had its registration revoked by SEC on 2020.08.13, according to ...
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How do I find the true list of IPO's and delistings on the NASDAQ?

How do I find out which companies are added and which ones are removed from the NASDAQ. I found lists on the internet, but they don't seem comprehensive or the source of the real data. For example, ...
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Is it possible for a stock that is consecutively trading above $1 to get delisted?

Is it ever possible that a stock that is consecutively trading above $1 to get delisted? If so, how, and for what reasons? And if it happens, how often does it happen?
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