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For questions about debt discharges, charge-offs, debt-forgiveness or bad debts.

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Mom made me cosign a car with her because her credit is bad and now the account has gotten charged off

My mom made me co-sign a car with her when I was young because her credit was bad and she really needed a car. She stopped paying for the car and now it has been charged off. I am worried about not ...
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Can a closed but undischarged mortgage be reopened easily?

Getting a new mortgage can involve a lot of paperwork and take considerable time. If one (for whatever reason) happens to have an existing mortgage that has been fully paid off but never officially ...
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Financial Debt status

I took loan of GBP 4000 in 1996 & then left UK in 1997 without paying. I also used credit card & bank cheques for GBP 6000 but left UK without paying. Are these debts erased from my identity ...
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Startup Convertible note write-off debt?

I invested time in a tech start-up during 2013 that has since closed its doors. I received payment in the form of convertible notes... $30,000 in total, which of course have no value now. Is there ...
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