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Questions tagged [debt-collection]

For questions related to debt collection, debt collection agencies, unpaid debts, etc.

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Reapplying for same credit card after collections

My Amazon's Chase credit card bill was sent to collections in March 2019 due to some financial issues I had. I paid off the debt completely in collections and my credit rebounded. My credit card ...
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How many "Charge Offs" can a company put on a single debt?

A while ago I took out a loan and couldn't pay it off due to loosing my job. I got another job, and before I could start making payments, a collections agency called me up about the loan. I paid it ...
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How to collect a judgement in Maryland?

I have a $30,000 judgement against an individual in the State of Maryland. The case was adjudicated in Small Claims Court in Maryland. I'd like to collect the judgement but the individual is not ...
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Student loans paid already but collection agency claiming loans are in default

I paid off my student loans via pay garnishments and the IRS taking 3 to 4 years of my tax refunds. Unfortunately, I have moved 5 times in last 2 years and I cannot find my files confirming this. ...
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Impact on credit score of paying off a debt very late

We went through a rough patch a few years ago after a disabling accident and got behind on some payments. When things turned around, we squared our accounts with our creditors and our credit report is ...
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If i pay a creditor directly can a collector still sue for fees?

We paid a creditor the full amount that was owed plus interest. The collector is charging $9000 on a $13000 debt. We feel this is exorbitant. Can we still be sued by the collector?
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Credit card debt

A Russian-Norwegian dual nationality person I know took up 20000 pounds of credit card loans in Norway. He then went back to Russia and has lived there for 1 year now. He has not heard anything yet. ...
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