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To be used for questions related to trades squared off the same day and do not involved deliveries. Typically used in the context of Stocks trading, can be used for Options or other trades. Related tags are trading, trading-volume, online-trading.

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Judge the amount of money to trade

I have been day trading for about a year. I got some statistics on a stock market pattern. The latter gives me an 82% probability of occurring and an expected gain of 13% per trade. I'm having trouble ...
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Calculating returns with trading costs

This perhaps is an over simplification of calculating trading returns while including trading costs. I've made some assumptions - the commission for investing and extracting an investment is 1% and 2% ...
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How are candlestick dojis defined technically?

I´m trying to programmatically analyse candle stick pattern: I have historical OCHL data that I want to perform an automated analysis on, via b4j which is a programming language. The thing is that I ...
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Does this limit order book (depth chart) look legit?

I am reconstructing the limit order book on Binance. I get a snapshot at a particular time and update this snapshot based on the updates for each level that come every 100 ms from the exchange. Most ...
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Difference between depth of market and the limit order book

In trading terminology, is there a difference between "depth of market" (DOM) and the limit order book? I suspect that they are the same because a limit order book shows the "depth"...
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MACD indicators calculator

I would like to calculate MACD (moving average convergence/divergence) based on 12 period Fast MA, a 26 period Slow MA and a 9 period Signal for 5 minutes bars. Should I provide only the last 12 ...
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