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Should I invest in house? [duplicate]

I'm a 26 year old guy living in Croatia (Europe) in a coastal town known for tourism. Average salary in Croatia is around 700€, while I have a steady job and earn 1700€ (after tax) as a software ...
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Where to pay taxes?

I am a Croatian citizen residing in Spain. I got a job offer in Germany where I would be working from Mon - Thu, and rest of the days I would be back in Spain. I would be working with a company as a ...
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Working full-time contract remote job from Stackoverflow ads. Whom do I pay tax?

I live in Croatia which has extremely high taxes. I decided I might try to grab some job from Stackoverflow job ads. I see that many jobs offer remote and full-time contract. My question is, whom do ...
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compromise between 100% insurance and no insurance? (long term view)

Assume you can get private health insurance for different premiums, and they cover any directly health related costs (hospital stay, needed medicines, physiotherapy etc.) up to a maximum amount. It is ...
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Can I make PayPal release pending balance on personal payment sooner than 30 days?

My uncle and my brother sent me some money over paypal recently, but it says I have to wait 30 days to receive it. It was made as personal payment. Is there any way to get that money any faster? I ...
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Currency conversion from US Citi Prepaid [closed]

I've got some money sent to me from US on a Citi Prepaid card. (Payment from Google for Google Summer of Code 2012.) However, I live in Croatia, and the withdrawal fees ($3 per withdrawal, 3% for ...
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Paypal website donations without being a charity

I would like to receive donations on a website instead of having commercials or subscription fees. I am an individual, not a non-profit organization and will not be giving tax-deductible receipts. Is ...
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On-line banking account with Maestro (or some other debit card)

I need an account outside of Croatia where I live in, to link it with PayPal to be able to gather income generated by it. I would like to avoid USA banks, and in fact, I would like to find the ...
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2 answers

Receiving money on PayPal in Croatia?

I can send money with PayPal from Croatia, but can't receive it. Is there any workaround?
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